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Why do politicians on the left REALLY want a question on citizenship left out of the census?
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Why do politicians on the left REALLY want a question on citizenship left out of the census?

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He was an absolute genius...there's nobody like him in fashion", the former fashion director of the Daily Telegraph Hilary Alexander on Karl Lagerfeld who has reportedly died aged 85

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'I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope!' ❤️
Happy birthday J-Hope! Here are @BTS_twt after their first ever televised performance in the UK, last year on @BBCOne! 🎈
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BREAKING: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announces that he is running for president again in 2020
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JUST IN: California AG Becerra tells @mitchellreports he intends to file lawsuit today challenging President Trump's national emergency declaration: "We'll be joined by at least a dozen states."
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Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs
#WATCH ** Wife of Major VS Dhoundiyal (who lost his life in an encounter in Pulwama yesterday) by his mortal remai#Dehradunn#Uttarakhands.
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Forty-four days away from Brexit and they haven't got a clue."

A Honda worker accuses the government of "completely incompetent handling" of Brexit and "idiocy of epic proportions".
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Israel offers unconditional help. Whatever India needs to defend itself there is "no limit": Israeli envoy to PTI.
@brianstelter @SopanDebThe headlines and chyrons of CNN, NBC News and CBS News from day 1 all clearly take, as fact, that an attack happened . The question raised was only if it was a hate crime. 2/
Tonight I was racially attacked while alone outside Soho theatre, from behind, as I bent down to pick up my phone. The white male assailant called me a “fucking Paki” as he hit me in the face with maybe a signet ring & ran away like a coward. He took nothing. He was just a racist

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The Left, Without Evidence, Claims Conservatives Attacked Malia Obama For Drinking
L-202 Santan at Pecos: A crash is blocking the left lane. #phxtraffic
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➡️ Has Brexit killed compromise?
➡️ Should migration still be a topic of debate as we head into EU elections?
➡️ Do politicians deserve immunity?

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Why do I want to squeeze that puppy?: Exploring the science behind our dark sides
A protest convoy that left Alberta last week has arrived in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to deliver a pro-oilpatch message to the Trudeau government. (Photo tweeted by Sgt. Mark Gatien of the Ottawa Police traffic unit)
Environmentalists are raising the alarm about the possibility of a highway route through the Sooke Hills. At 7:11 we'll find out why there is such concern about the potential route:
Just an hour left to vote in our Player of the Week poll. @CameronMcgrath5 leads @FuchsEmmett right now.

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UK MP Angela Smith who left the Labour Party citing "institutional racism" issues apology hours later after calling minorities "a funny tinge"
Crews continue to clear the earlier accident blocking the left and center lanes of the outbound Parkway West between Carnegie and Rosslyn Farms. Delays now backing through the Fort Pitt Tunnels, across the Ft. Pitt Bridge lower deck and onto the approaches. #KDKAradioTraffic
I-10 EB near Buckeye: A crash is blocking the HOV and left lane. #phxtraffic
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