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“A Decade Under the Influence”
This isn’t a cryptic caption, just one of a my favorite songs that I was listening to 10 years ago, and now.
#10yearchallenge #agingchallenge @ Los Angeles,… https://t.co/uSYWbSuOw4
Normally I don’t comment on social media events, but I just don’t understand why anybody/companies would support, pay, or endorse Logan Paul.
This is a classic example of an adult child who needs his privileges taken away till he learns a lesson.
Nobody is perfect, but come on!!!
“Actor Kid”

Found a bunch of these old headshots, just had to post.
#tbt #throwbackthursday @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/oulZ6JabGf
Happy New Year :)
Another year where I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Bless to have you all in my life!
“Island Time”

@Mica_ela_ and I had a blast on #Maui for the holiday. We spent every evening on the beach, watching the sunset while turtles swam by....it was perfect.
Can’t thank… https://t.co/JOAVqEQtR4
“Maui Sessions PT 1.”
Love jamming with @TheCarlosPena! Can’t wait for more!!
#Boyfriend @bigtimerush
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“Maui Sessions PT. 1”

Spending time with each other has been truly amazing. And playing these songs is like riding a bike.
#BigTimeRush @ Maui Hawaii https://t.co/63yUi9om4u
“Dream Team”

Mica and I rolled through #FFFAF representing @HapbeeCompany and took this gem of a photo.
She’s the best. I’m lucky.

Thanks @FabFitFun for the invite! Great party!! @ Los… https://t.co/lgzt8WjVuV
“Ramen Night”

What a great night!
Why don’t we do this more???
And the funny thing is, even though we’re all adults, it still felt like a bunch of kids hanging out while the parents are… https://t.co/4ckHy3xjTZ
“Soap Box”
Reminiscing on how awesome #z100jingleball was!
Getting to play @HeffronDrive songs for everyone there was awesome.

z100newyork @Macys @iHeartRadio

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