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“Always on” may not be as effective as “intermittently on” when it comes to complex #problemsolving at work, according to new #research from @ethanbernstein: https://t.co/YtgDu5ZixQ
This summer, Pascal Kriesche (MBA 2019) made his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur a reality by working on his startup, ‘smoodi’, as @HBSRock Summer Fellow: https://t.co/9pIWq2DwQ2 #HBSInterns
Manufacturers are able to duplicate #technology used in cutting-edge products which means they don’t have to develop as much custom technology to compete, says @WillyShih_atHBS: https://t.co/UlTqGK17gv @HBSWK
The #healthcare industry is in need of organizational innovation. HBS has build the foundation in research from disruptive innovations to consumer-driven health care to competitive strategy principles. https://t.co/uRFMMxN9Df Learn more about @HBSHealth: https://t.co/rRMfZx1zSA
Are free trade and free markets quaint ideas from the past? Free trade seems to work well for countries and companies but less well for labor, says James Heskett: https://t.co/AIb3Pe5bmR @HBSWK
Our online learning initiative @HarvardHBX is hitting the road with @fortefoundation to talk to prospective female students about how they can prepare for success in an MBA program by enrolling in HBX CORe: https://t.co/4P4S1k7KaD
Wells Fargo was one of the world’s largest and most successful banks, until the news of its sales misconduct in 2016 rocked consumer confidence. How do sales culture, leadership, board oversight, and risk management play a role? https://t.co/zlwRW0AGAR #HBSColdCall
If you’re a #woman and having a heart attack, new #research shows your odds of recovery are higher when treated by a female #physician: https://t.co/Tlw3kZ6QkH @LauraHuangLA
What is it like interning at @Marriott’s Management Acceleration Program? One MBA is spending his summer between Barcelona and London: https://t.co/7DqYIUItS8 #HBSInterns
How constructive rebellion, in #fashion and in other matters, can work for everyone according to @francescagino: https://t.co/IIDBSoVDT6 via @qz
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