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Latest Scoops

Can you incentivize good behaviors to create positive habits? The answer is yes, according to professor Reshmaan Hussam's hand washing experiment: https://t.co/VfQbYjt6yf #GlobalHandwashingDay
Companies that encourage consumers to vote online should be forewarned—they may expect more than you promise. Mike Norton and @lesliekjohn reflect on lessons from Boaty McBoatface: https://t.co/vKansx0oU7 via @HBSWK
The Reflective Leader course is a three-day program geared toward MBA alumni who wish to take stock of their professional and personal lives post-HBS: https://t.co/pz6zQ0Dbes
Bundle is a platform that provides back-up and flexible #childcare to working parents as an employee benefit. How co-founders Melissa and Kayla spend their summer internship working on their venture: https://t.co/aCsZqZbHk1 via @HBSRecruitMBA #HBSInterns
The Blavatnik Fellowship offers @HBSAlumni the opportunity to create new ventures around promising life-science technologies. Application deadline is October 17: https://t.co/U1GkIfEECI
Businesses need people who can effectively communicate the company’s vision, guide teams, and #influence change. If you aspire to be that person, here's how you can become a more effective #leader: https://t.co/1xXo35PDA7 via @HarvardHBX
How do #bigdata and #analytics offer insights into the optimization of collaboration? Take a peek inside collaboration — as powered by #digital transformation. https://t.co/hl9WFCcfhv via @digHBS
.@Harvard is thrilled to support @HUBweek as a platform for industry #leaders, young #entrepreneurs, and the public to come together, ask important questions, and explore what’s next: https://t.co/shFLkMDcj8
Chances are if you come to campus (or chat with a student or alum) you’ll hear a lot of HBS terms and acronyms being thrown around. So what do they all mean? Here’s a quick guide: https://t.co/wcyFg7is5g #LifeatHBS
For prospective employees, trying to make a pitch via #video conferencing software can feel daunting. Here are six tips to help reduce the #stress of a virtual #interview: https://t.co/Gwq7JI9RkV via @HarvardHBX
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