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Fari Hamzei
iranian americans you should know pardis sabeti iranwire
Iranian-Americans you Should Know: Pardis Sabeti #IranWire

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unpopular opinion btc sportsbook via
Unpopular Opinion 🏆⚽🥇 $BTC Sportsbook via ⟶
watch cnn panel gush over the squad bash trump as a racist
Watch CNN Panel Gush Over 'The Squad,' Bash Trump as a 'Racist'
The Spectator Index
zimbabwe s 100 trillion note worth around 40 us cents when it was last in circulation
Zimbabwe's $100 trillion note, worth around 40 US cents when it was last in circulation.
SEC Investor Ed
how to read an 8 k how to read a 10 k
🔹 How to read an 8-K:
🔹 How to read a 10-K:
Trish Regan
fmr obama campaign director says tweets going off on four far left freshman congresswomen was a tactical distr
Fmr. Obama campaign director @robinbiro says @POTUS’ tweets going off on FOUR far-left freshman congresswomen was a TACTICAL distraction and the lawmakers took the bait, watch:
Robert T. Kiyosaki
never violate the law and never violate your principles richdad
Never violate the law and NEVER violate your principles. #richdad
Comfortably Smug
have you calculated a coefficient to account for the impact being a furry has on beto s poll numbers
Have you calculated a coefficient to account for the impact being a furry has on Beto's poll numbers?
welcome to social government privatizing tyranny
Welcome To 'Social Government' - Privatizing Tyranny
Comfortably Smug
congratulations to beto o rourke on his incoming cnn contributor contract and crooked media podcast
Congratulations to Beto O'Rourke on his incoming CNN contributor contract and Crooked Media podcast
Comfortably Smug
welcome to the fucking big leagues bitch 35mil doesn t get you shit jfc are you crying just go back home to te
"Welcome to the fucking big leagues, bitch, $3.5mil doesn't get you shit....

...Jfc, are you crying?!? Just go back home to Texas, you're fucking done here, chief."
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