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The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization fighting every day for a world where #LGBTQ people are treated #EqualEverywhere.

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.@HRC mourns Keanna Mattel, a Black transgender woman killed in Detroit on Dec. 7. Her death adds to the growing list of transgender or gender-expansive people killed in 2018. https://t.co/E6jZXfbLYL
This is FANTASTIC news! Congratulations on your role as @OutMagazine's new executive editor, @RaquelWillis_!
Congratulations to #CriticsChoice Award nominees, including:

⭐️Jim Parsons
⭐️Nicole Kidman
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#HumanRightsDay is a time for people from all backgrounds to join in demanding that basic rights and dignity apply to every person -- regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. #StandUp4HumanRights https://t.co/oOPQ4vSXdh
We will not stop fighting until every member of our community, no matter who they are or who they love, anywhere in the world, is safe, secure and truly "#FreeAndEqual.”

The humanitarian crisis at the border demands our urgent action this #HumanRightsDay. #LGBTQImmigration
The crisis at the border deeply affects the #LGBTQ community & demands our urgent action. Many LGBTQ asylum seekers have fled violence and persecution in Central America based on their identities. Immi#LGBTQImmigrationg#HumanRightsDayrhttps://t.co/s7VjkSWhaZation
The people at the border fleeing danger are families, children & LGBTQ people seeking safety and refuge.

The Trump-Pence administration wants you to fear them in order to score cheap political points.
The asylum seekers in Tijuana face horrific conditions as they wait, sleeping in crowded conditions, often outside in pouring rain. @USATODAY reports more than 2,100 people have been treated for respiratory infections. #LGBTQImmigration #HumanRightsDay
This #HumanRightsDay we need look no further than the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border to see that immigrants’ rights are #LGBTQ rights & LGBTQ rights are immigrants’ rights.

Join & @HRCfor a t@RAICESTEXASweetup on Immigrat#LGBTQImmigrationion RIGHT NOWhttps://t.co/s7VjkSWhaZ.
At least 7 #LGBTQ couples among the asylum seekers in Tijuana were married last month in a group ceremony -- a "dream come true" that never would have been possible in their home countries. An officiant called it "an act of justice." #LGBTQImmigrationImhttps://t.co/jkZ8U2YtV6migration
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