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Senate Dems have appropriated the ghost of Sen. Joe McCarthy and one wonders which Senator will be first to announce "I have a list!" If reckless, last minute and uncorroborated smears are the Dems new normal, we don't have a Constitution--we will have shredded it.
No matter what Democrat candidates say, if elected, they will follow Schumer's directions. Think long and hard about that. Here's my op-ed in the AR Democrat/Gazette https://t.co/uexaFt9nKQ
Remember the story from a couple of days ago about the University of Michigan professor who refused to give a letter of recommendation to a student who wanted to study abroad in Israel...read more: https://t.co/Xmb5qTa1nX
ICYMI my opening from "Huckabee" @TBN and I reflect upon life in the era of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs....and me. Watch entire show at 11/10 pm ET 2nite and 8/11 7/10 pm ET on Sunday. https://t.co/pQyU2tEuoE
Why ratings for award shows tanking? A critic at The Hill boldly admits the obvious to millions of Americans: 1/2 potential audience doesn't want to see smug, leftist celebrities calling them dumb, sexist, racist homophobic Nazis because they vote for GOP. https://t.co/rQSYW4ZlIG
Women of CBS say GOP Senators risk looking "insensitive” if they question Kavanaugh's accuser. CBS worked w/ Charlie Rose, Les Mooves, & David Letterman. CBS has no standing to lecture GOP how they're insensitive men who don’t respect women. https://t.co/CDii2KgZ0G
Rich in irony: FBI insiders leak to NY Slimes for 2 yrs 'cause they trust NYT accuracy. Now Rosenstein says NYT is Fake News-he was just joking about setting up @realDonaldTrump and wearing a wire. https://t.co/JMjHm2gYpL
DEMS: Stop process! We have vague & unprovable allegation from 36 yrs ago-we demand let accuser talk!!
GOP: We’ll stop process for hearing Monday so accuser can talk.
DEMS: STOP BULLYING HER to answer questions! And he has to defend himself from allegation BEFORE she makes it!
2nite on "Huckabee" @TBN 8/11 pm ET; 7/10CT @SenMikeLee joins and musical guest is the amazing @AngelaPrimm whose voice has the power of a tornado! If her music doesn't light your fire, you're wood is wet!
Ben Franklin: "Better that 100 guilty escape than 1 innocent suffer." Today's liberals: "Better than 100 innocent suffer than 1 guilty escape...and gender equality be damned-only men can even BE guilty."
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