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Thanks to @seanhannity and his great team for letting me guest host 2nite. Hope you saw the intvu w/ @PressSec as she broke news as to @WhiteHouse and @realDonaldTrump letter to CNN.
I’ll be guest hosting for @seanhannity 2nite on @FoxNews at 9pm ET b/c Sean will be having dinner with Jim Acosta, Maxine Waters and Michael Avenatti. I’ll show exclusive video of dinner so you better watch! Epic!
What would federal judge do if Acosta "challenged" him in his courtroom and argued and wouldn't shut up when judge told him to and refused to give up mic when bailiff tried to retrieve it? Asking for a friend. And for half of America.
Breaking wind from CNN! Jim Acosta, who grabbed Halloween candy from another child's bag now asks a fed judge to force the homeowner to let him keep all the candy. Homeowner says "screw it" and will no longer give ANYONE candy.
A fed judge wants to be Com Director at WH and decide who gets in. There are thousands of REAL journalists in USA-I hope everyone of them sues for the RIGHT to sit in that room. Let the fed judge figure that one out.
Hope you'll get my just released new book, "Rare, Medium, or Done Well." It's about making the most of your life and does NOT contain Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's recipe for mac/cheese or her recipe for making ice. https://t.co/8aihUGM1Zj
Been traveling from CA to South FL all day to deliver some newly discovered votes but found out Roy Clark died. Great man and virtuoso musician. Was on my tv show once. I was in awe. Still am. He was one of a kind. God bless his memory.
My philosophy on use of Twitter captured by @AaronNolanNews from @KARK4News Little Rock when he visited me on set of my @TBN show in Nashvillle. https://t.co/IpuWNi4QM0
Don't know if creepy Michael Avenatti is guilty of beating a woman as charged, but he has screamed a lot that we should always "believe the woman." Okay, Michael, if you insist. https://t.co/wV4WMQH3gV
FL Election offical Brenda Snipes:“I think I have served the purpose that I came here for" & I think of Stan Laurel, helping Oliver clean a house & now holding a garden hose on the smoldering ashes of all that remain, saying “Well…I guess there’s nothing else I can do.”
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