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Traveling? If you have a @HartmannLuggage bag, toss it in trash and get a cardboard box to drag thru airport. Saves time and money. Had 2 of them and both piece of junk. Using a belt to drag bag today. Pretty redneck but this rollerboard should be called “draggerboard”.
Electric cars create more pollution than new gas-powered cars. New engines are more efficient & power from electric plugs is still dependent on dead dinosaurs. Did libs think electric power is generated by wind from flapping wings of flying unicorns?
The Evening Edition is out: I tackle Robert Mueller's appointment, Rand Paul's defense of the President, the Democrat outrage machine, George Soros and more...https://t.co/eK4Ky7pqpq
Chicago may become the largest US city to test a “universal basic income” program. The test is find out whether, after 87 years of Democratic rule, people would live there if you paid them.
Trump is getting excoriated for being soft on Russia and criticizing our intel agencies, both by fellow GOP and by Dems who spent decades mocking anyone who criticized Russia as a Cold War troglodyte. They also used to hail Obama for his “smart diplomacy” https://t.co/MSjUZMKeAo
Why SHOULD Trump express confidence in his intelligence agencies?My thoughts: https://t.co/UtgqhMG4Qc
Today's newsletter is out. I cover: Why SHOULD Trump express confidence in his intelligence agencies? -- The Helsinki Summit -- Protocol -- The Democrats and Russia -- Soros funding leftist protests -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse https://t.co/HwOtmvec85
The Evening Edition is out early: I cover the Trump-Putin meeting, Dianne Feinstein's California trouble, John Brennan schooled and more! https://t.co/k2wf8gUAml
Today's Newsletter: The Strzok hearing: responses to two reader comments -- Kavanaugh update -- Trump and Putin meet -- Former CIA Director schooled by HS kid -- Feinstein the right-winger -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse https://t.co/ZWVtffgPbL
I respond to reader questions RE: The Strzok hearing https://t.co/7MTgaCDqCn
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