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@EcologyWA . has submitted concerns about the pipeline’s impact to our shared international waters. I continue to stand with them and urge the Canadian government to reconsider.
We have a good working relationship with Canada and the B.C. province, where we recently reiterated our support for shifting our region to a #cleanenergy economy. Now is the time to protect our #orcas and combat #climatechange , not invest in long-term fossil fuel infrastructure.
Today the Canadian National Energy Board recommended that the #TransMountain pipeline expansion should go forward, even after they found it would be harmful to Southern Resident #orcas, increase greenhouse gas emissions and worsen global #climatechange.
We will never allow President Trump or anyone else in D.C. to take those rights away. #TitleX #NoGagRule #StandWithPP
Trump is forcing doctors, nurses and community health centers to deny treatment referrals and fully legal medical services to their patients, whom they took an oath to serve. This is unacceptable and wrong. #NoGagRule #TitleX #StandWithPP
We stand united with @AGOWA Ferguson and our state and legislative leaders against this blatant assault on women’s health. Washington has been, and will continue to be, a state that stands with women and their right to safe and legal abortion and reproductive care. #TitleX
We are reviewing the final rule and evaluating our options. It is clear the Trump administration has given our state no choice but to explore all possible avenues, including legal options, to ensure all women have access to family planning and healthcare services. #TitleX
By denying access to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics, more than 80,000 people in Washington could lose access to their current doctor. The president is directly interfering in the doctor-patient relationship. #StandWithPP #TitleX #NoGagRule
The president’s decision endangers tens of thousands of Washingtonians and millions of Americans. This is a radical change to #TitleX, a program with four decades of success providing affordable birth control and reproductive healthcare to patients.
Super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons are thousands of times worse for our climate than carbon, and climate-safe alternatives exist. Thanks to @joefitzgibbon and so many others for moving our super-pollutants bill through committees — now ready for the House to vote on. #waleg

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Washington state will act under our own authority, our own laws and our own jurisdiction to protect #NetNeutrality for all of Washington's citizens.
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My office recently learned the shocking revelation from that reunification could mean placing a separated child with ANY long-term sponsor — regardless of whether it’s their parents, other family in the US, family back in their home country or in long-term foster care.
Along with @NYGovCuomo and Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown, we're forming the United States Climate Alliance.
Attack on federal judge from POTUS is beneath the dignity of that office. That attitude can lead America to calamity.
We cannot trust that these families will actually be reunified. Today I led a group of six governors in demanding & take responsibility for the dire effects of the "zero-tolerance policy " and trauma inflicted on nearly 3,000 children.
The Trump plan to repeal is #NetNeutralitya dangerous assault th [To read the rest of this tweet, please upgrade to one of our premium internet plans]
I believe this is an excellent response to the administration’s request, though I’d strongly suggest they jump in Lake Washington.
I have declared a state of emergency in preparation for this #wasnow winter storm. Everyone in WA needs to focus on preparing for the snow and staying safe. I encourage everyone to stay off the roads if possible and plan ahead if you must travel. #wawx
Automatic Voter Registration: ✅
Same-day Voter Registration: ✅
Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds: ✅
Increased campaign finance transparency: ✅
Washington Voting Rights Act: ✅
Democracy lives on in Washington state.
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If true, this interpretation blatantly ignores the terms of the court order. The federal government has also recently admitted that reunification is being used as a bargaining chip to induce parents to agree to voluntary deportation.
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