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"How long has Opportunity been on Mars?" and more trending questions on #Opportunity #MarsRover
"Comment est mort Saint Valentin?" est une des questions les plus posées sur la #SaintValentin en France

Découvrez les trends ⬇️ #ValentinesDay
"Comment savoir si on est amoureux?" est la questions la plus posée sur l'amour sur la dernière année en France 💘

Découvrez les trends ⬇️ #SaintValentin #ValentinesDay
In every country around the world love is at least ten times as searched as hate. But which country is searching most for #Valentines day?

Find out here:
Who else is excited for #Frozen2 ? Here are the most searched questions about Frozen today
"How to be single on Valentine's day?" is a top question on #ValentinesDay in the UK in the last week.

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#Roma is the top searched film nominated in for a #BAFTA in the last 24 hours.
.@BebeRexha had the most searched #Grammys red carpet dress
#BTS is the most searched "Is ... performing at the #GRAMMYs ?"

For more data:
#GRAMMYs host @aliciakeys is the most searched "How many Grammys does ... have?"

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The Most Relevant

"What is the EU?" is the second top UK question on the EU since the #EURefResults were officially announced
America's most misspelled words - it's #spellingbee week and we mapped top "how to spell" searches by state

Excited for the #Coachella lineup? Check out the most searched performers!
+250% spike in "what happens if we leave the EU" in the past hour
Searches for "Move to Canada" are higher than at any time in Google history #SuperTuesday
+100% spike in UK searches for "getting an Irish passport" after #Brexit vote
We've made a few corrections to the legend. This is the one to use
.@BernieSanders was the most searched Democratic Presidential candidate in every state during the #DemDebate
Before and after the #PresidentialDebate: searches by US state for @HillaryClinton & @realDonaldTrump…
Total(1) => 0.064562082290649 f_f_QM(2) => 0.060838937759399 indS(2) => 0.017009258270264 indM(2) => 0.041179895401001 indM_1(2) => 0.0027463436126709 indM_2(2) => 0.00096464157104492 indM_4(2) => 0.0033349990844727 indM_5(2) => 0.0050339698791504 indM_6(2) => 0.0020830631256104 indM_7(2) => 0.0064699649810791 indM_8(2) => 0.0037069320678711 indM_9(2) => 0.0087709426879883 indM_10(2) => 0.0077247619628906 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.0019040107727051 f_f_dT(20) => 0.0017552375793457