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Tom Hardy's Venom murders a bunch of sports nerds in this weird new ad https://t.co/s3WIRU1JVA
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The startup that'll inject you with young blood says it's opening a clinic in New York City https://t.co/52BYZccWJp
If this study is right, well, the U.S. is seriously underestimating the social toll of its carbon emissions https://t.co/OkXPTusBaS
Is The Innocent really a genre film? It's up to you https://t.co/6tOw4l3B87
Shockwaves from WWII bombing raids reached the edge of space, scientists report https://t.co/1eoAsW4KTZ
Jeff Session's big meeting on big tech regulations was good for everyone but Jeff Sessions
Ancient bronze hand found in Switzerland mystifies archeologists—and sparks criminal investigation https://t.co/lgjPNtZ39w
Mathematicians skeptical of supposed million-dollar proof https://t.co/Fn5HWx476q
European scientists have made an intriguing discovery in Alzheimer's drug research https://t.co/u1IoSQlhSm
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