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Netflix is going all in on the Millarverse with a live-action Jupiter's Legacy series and more https://t.co/RVOgit4Sh3
Fur, feathers, hair, and scales may have the same ancient origin https://t.co/nX9PTAKa3M
UK ethics council says it’s ‘morally permissible’ to create genetically modified babies https://t.co/ff2Ge73Hv2
Amazon warehouse strike in Spain reportedly results in police clashes, arrests https://t.co/OzYlwSXv4L
Discovery of 14,000-year-old toast suggests bread can be added to Paleo diet https://t.co/zgipMvxFAi
How many robots can you spot in this awesome poster? https://t.co/a0ejHcPUKn
Report: Our garbage president is Facebook's biggest political ad buyer https://t.co/Ka8GqIzw25
Amazon is turning Simon Stålenhag's Tales From the Loop series into a TV show https://t.co/tA9qEnDv8z
Voting machine maker finally cops to connecting its machines to the internet https://t.co/2FW6TRc5na
Pennywise is happy he gets to hang with the big kids in the It sequel https://t.co/Q9k3KYvdzz
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