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Chief Meteorologist at ABC News; Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) Seal from the American Meteorological Society

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WINTER FLIP FLOP! Boston has only had 4.8” of snow this season (that’s more than 2 feet below average), Kansas City has had nearly two feet which is already 5” above their entire seasonal average.
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NEW SERIES: inspiring coworkers to be better stewards of the planet 🌎
The average office worker in the US goes through roughly 500 disposable cups annually (
proud of @HairByJuanita who will no longer be using paper cups! @the_gilded_gatherer 😉
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“All we need is - radio Gaga. Radio goo goo...” every. Single. Morning. I wake up singing a different @QueenWillRock song. Always loved them but ever since I saw Bohemian Rhapsody they don’t leave my brain. Not complaining😍 👑
Angie has been our stage manager for >2 decades. She looked at me like a human every day. Not everyone does that. She heard what I had to say & always made the day better. Fiercely talented, incredibly resilient & an overall pleasure to be around. Happiest retirement to Angie!
Anyone in Boston have a photo or video that showcases your snow starvation? We would like to address but need some visuals 😉 @WCVB
3rd wettest day on record for Palm Springs, California 3.59” ; 📷:
@CornellBarnard @DanManWX @SamWnek
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San Francisco, California has now had 112% of normal for the water year (since last fall) via @NWSBayArea video: Sausalito, CA mudslides
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157” of snow so far in Marquette, Michigan - that’s about 2 feet above average!
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You ready? #BTSonGMA @bts_bighit performs in our studio tomorrow morning on @GMA
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My 16 year old sister has been obsessed w/ for years. Today we made her dreams come true... can’t wait for next Wednesday on — believe me when I tell you it’s going to be A GIANT MORNING on I am so grateful #btst#BTSonGMAo be able to see her melt☺️ WATCH
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Damage now from the back side of our condo building in Mexico Beach. #Michael
Took that @ygofficialblink thing literally this morning! Supporting the gals in💗🖤💗🖤
Did you know that @ygofficialblink is on @GMA tomorrow?! A little preview with @Jeff__Benjamin #blackpink
“Those who would make you feel less than who you are - that is the greatest evil.” - Mr. Rogers
The Coast Guard to Houston:
"Stay calm, do not panic. Do not go into the attic. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels
A geologist who has been monitoring Kilauea in Hawaii said he hasn't seen anything like this in his 9 years! Check out video from
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Stunning sunset over devastation in Mexico Beach, Florida.
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