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@zaddyzaynzamn Nah it just annoys me when people talk and have opinions on situations and people they know nothing about. My agent is a kind, hardworking, intelligent person and is one of the best so I’m not going to let kids undermine that.
@djiboouti @AnamikaDude Also, I should say... in the last year or so I’ve learned the balance that I need in my life to stay physically and mentally healthy and happy. Jobs I take are for a reason, as are jobs I pass on. Many people aren’t blessed w a team that understands & supports them in that way.
@djiboouti @AnamikaDude Lol. My manager doesn’t just say yes to everything for money- that doesn’t mean the options don’t come. This industry is about strategizing so that nights like last night could happen.. & we have more coming. Until you have been an agent for 23 yrs do not speak on Luiz.
ya everything on Postmates is impersonal and automated. They don’t care... that’s the problem haha
(cont) you have heard from enough people whose time and money you’ve wasted to act like you don’t know what’s going on- it takes away from the hardworking Postmates you do have. Just do better.
(cont) The amount of times food is damaged, taken, or doesn’t arrive correctly is only less disgraceful than how your CS Representatives act from an unreachable pedestal. Your one-sandwich refund is just annoying after 5-10 business days and (cont @Postmates)
. @Postmates you have the worst customer service of all time. Have been a great customer for years, and hoped as a company you’d realize the real need to better the quality of your services as a whole.
I didn’t wanna take my Mary costume off :(
I think that donating this holiday season on behalf of your loved ones is such an amazing and meaningful gift !!! 🥰 #giftguide @UNICEFUSA
Did you know that by donating $25 to UNICEF you would be providing nine families with mosquito nets to protect against malaria? Or that a gift of $30 buys one thousand pencils for an entire school ??! @unicefusa
To see more inspired gifts & donate: https://t.co/q0jSRP2CQf
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