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This is from an Australian news outlet.
This is from an Australian news outlet.
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The people of Venezuela stand at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country – and their future....
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There is far more ENERGY on the Right than there is on the Left. That’s why we just won the Senate and why we will win big in 2020. The Fake News just doesn’t want to report the facts. Border Security is a big factor. The under construction Wall will stop Gangs, Drugs and Crime!
74 years ago today, Marines on Iwo Jima raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi.

Semper Fidelis.
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“There’s not one shred of evidence that this president’s done anything Constitutionally (or anything else) wrong.” Graham Ledger. Thank you Graham, so true!
I urge Nicolás Maduro to allow humanitarian aid inside Venezuela’s borders peacefully. People are in need of life-saving medicines, children are subsisting on one meal a day, and a peaceful delivery of food and supplies is to the benefit of all.
Great new book: “The Case For Trump” by Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Senior Fellow.
Maduro gunships are threatening to fire on a ship sailing from #PuertoRico which is in international waters with 300 tons of food & medicine & at least 6 U.S. citizens on board. #barcopuertorico
Over the last few hours seeing movements underway by #MaduroRegime to use Pro-Regime gangs & narco-terror group ELN, dressed as civilians, to steal aid & attack unarmed civilians. No one in opposition is armed. Any violence in hours to come will be from the regime. #23F
#ALERT #MaduroRegimehas begun a massive violent crackdown on the border with the Brazil. I have been informed 4 civilians dead & 24 injured as of this moment. #23FAvalanchaHumanitaria
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