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Gary Thomson
apple stock forecast why apple will release a new mac mini this year via youtube aapl apple stockstowatch
Apple Stock Forecast Why Apple Will Release A New Mac Mini This Year via @YouTube $AAPL #Apple #stockstowatch
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@tictoc 2 hours
us attorney general william barr is at the department of justice today and is reviewing special counsel robert
U.S. Attorney General William Barr is at the Department of Justice today and is reviewing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report, according to an unidentified aide
us backed forces in syria have expelled islamic state from its last outpost
U.S.-backed forces in Syria have expelled Islamic State from its last outpost
The Economist
more than 70000 americans died from drugs in 2017 that is more than all the american soldiers killed in the en
More than 70,000 Americans died from drugs in 2017. That is more than all the American soldiers killed in the entire Vietnam war
Comfortably Smug
i say we keep owning the libs through the weekend they re really heartbroken over the mueller report we need t
I say we keep owning the Libs through the weekend. They're really heartbroken over the Mueller report, we need to twist the knife hard.
@business 48 minutes
just in police say a cruise ship with engine problems has sent a mayday call off norway s western coast and is
JUST IN: Police say a cruise ship with engine problems has sent a mayday call off Norway's western coast and is making plans to evacuate its 1,300 passengers.
The Economist
insects are indicators of ecosystem health their decline is a warning to pay attentionbefore it really is too
Insects are indicators of ecosystem health. Their decline is a warning to pay attention—before it really is too late
Financial Times
london marchers call for second brexit vote
London marchers call for second Brexit vote
8 year old nigerian refugee now a new york state chess champion nigeria
8-Year-Old Nigerian Refugee Now a New York State Chess Champion #Nigeria
@CNBC 1 hour
harvard researchers say soda increases risk of dying from heart disease breast and colon cancer
Harvard researchers say soda increases risk of dying from heart disease, breast and colon cancer
Anthony Scaramucci
oh wow look what showed up today many thanks to ben garrison grrrgraphics
Oh wow! Look what showed up today!! Many thanks to Ben Garrison ⁦@GrrrGraphics⁩
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