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#BREAKING : R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts Of Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse

(Robin Marchant / Getty)
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Accused sex criminals who Trump has defended:

1. Roy Moore

2. Brett Kavanaugh

3. Bob Kraft

4. Roger Ailes

5. Himself
Fuck bitches get money?


Fuck Haters be Happy 🤗
Coming this fall… The story of a poorly staged hate crime that rocked a nation: Jussie’s Lie
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It’s so crazy that i can get copyrighted for singing a song terribly in my kitchen in my pajamas with headphones on hahhaha i’m so confused 😅
God is relational not transactional. He wants to walk with you thru the pain, not just make it disappear.
🚨 @BTS_twt has done it again 🚨

Before kicking off their new album, our boys are giving us even MORE ways to connect with them via the #ARMYPEDIA – a database that allows #ARMYs to share special memories between BTS and their fans! 🙌

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"It upsets me that some people living in the country speak the language of Pakistan. These are the people who could not answer the public after Mumbai attacks", says PM @narendramodi during a public meeting in Rajasthan’s Tonk.

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The first silverware of the season will be decided on Sunday, but we've got the matter of the #PL first.

@themichaelowen offers his thoughts on the weekend's action.
8 big questions The Umbrella Academy season 2 needs to answer *spoilers ahead*

Here's our new podcast: Acting Prime Minister.
We offer the hypothetical keys to Number 10 to a guest and ask: What would you do now?

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Are you a young Jewish person considering the @birthright trip? What do you hope to learn or experience by going, especially given criticism of the programme? Tweet us your thoughts or record a 30-second video comment here:
From smuggling in an entire band to recording LPs off the radio: 6 secrets we learnt from our Berlin season Hear more:
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DON'T MISS the second CommBank ODI between Australia and New Zealand!

Catch it LIVE on Macquarie Sports Radio on Sunday from 10:30am

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Frozen meals are super handy when you can't be bothered to cook. Here's what we recommend getting at the store!
Going to leave this here for the next time you’re kissing someone/walking alone in the rain/looking over old photos in your bedroom.
It's going to take a hell of a team to top Jubilo's 107 goals in the 1998 J.League season but this attacking whirlwind that Ange Postecoglou has created at @prompt_fmarinos is going to push it really close: some breathtaking football in a 3-2 win to open the season.
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