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iran s foreign minister zarif tells chris a group of us and mideast officials are trying to drag the us into c
Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif tells Chris a group of U.S. and Mideast officials are trying to drag the U.S. into conflict with Iran. Watch the full interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday.
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breaking a un investigator says there is credible evidence that saudi arabia s crown prince mohammed bin salma
BREAKING: A UN investigator says there is "credible evidence" that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other senior officials are liable for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, calling it a "deliberate, premeditated execution."
Sky News
breaking chief prosecutor fred westerbeke confirms that four suspects are to be prosecuted for downing malaysi
BREAKING: Chief prosecutor Fred Westerbeke confirms that four suspects are to be prosecuted for downing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

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Jim Sciutto
breaking jamal khashoggi was the victim of a deliberate premeditated execution and saudi arabia was responsibl
Breaking: Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of a "deliberate, premeditated execution," and Saudi Arabia was responsible, UN investigation into his death concludes. Khashoggi was injected with a sedative and his head then put inside a plastic bag suffocating him, it found.
BBC Breaking News
four men charged with murder after mh17 airliner shot down over ukraine in 2014
Four men charged with murder after MH17 airliner shot down over Ukraine in 2014
@NPR 52 minutes
poet joy harjo a member of the muskogee creek nation has become the first native american us poet laureate you
Poet Joy Harjo — a member of the Muskogee Creek Nation — has become the first Native American U.S. Poet Laureate.

"You hit words together with rhythm and sound quality and fierce playfulness," she says, calling her poetry a kind of music.
Nicholas Kristof
new un report says that saudis discussed on secret tape how they would dismember jamal khashoggi 13 minutes be
New UN report says that Saudis discussed on secret tape how they would dismember Jamal Khashoggi, 13 minutes before he even entered the consulate: "Joints will be separated." So much for this being an accident.
The Int'l Spectator
top universities in the world 2020 1 mit 2 stanford 3 harvard 4 oxford 5 cit 6 eth zurich 7 cambridge 8 univer
Top Universities In The World, 2020.

1. MIT
2. Stanford
3. Harvard
4. Oxford
5. CIT
6. ETH Zurich
7. Cambridge
8. University College London
9. Imperial College London
10. Chicago Uni

(QS Rankings)

Longer list:
The Associated Press
breaking us navy expert limpet mine used in attack on japanese owned oil tanker bears a striking resemblance t
BREAKING: US Navy expert: Limpet mine used in attack on Japanese-owned oil tanker 'bears a striking resemblance' to Iranian mines; Also says, damage to that tanker is 'not consistent with an external flying object hitting the ship.'
@CNN 1 hour
a hungry and exhausted young polar bear was spotted wandering in the suburbs of the siberian industrial city o
A hungry and exhausted young polar bear was spotted wandering in the suburbs of the Siberian industrial city of Norilsk this week, hundreds of miles from its usual habitat.
Guido Fawkes
aman from london worked for labour hq investigatinganti semitism
“Aman from London” Worked for Labour HQ… Investigating Anti-Semitism
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