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  3. .@dbongino: “barack obama was one of the most divisive presidents in american history.”
.@dbongino: “Barack Obama was one of the most divisive presidents in American history.”
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.@dbongino: “Barack Obama was one of the most divisive presidents in American history.”


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Rose Atoll Marine National Monument, off the coast of American Samoa, is one of the world's most pristine atolls. Rose Atoll is home to a vibrant coral reef ecosystem and threatened & endangered species. Di#MonumentsForAllv#BlueParkse in for more:
In one of the most dramatic mass murder-suicides of modern history, over 900 members of the People's Temple sect led by Jim Jones died #OnThisDay 40 years ago in Guyana #JonestownMassacre https://t.co/0dhXpT8SOj
Oklahoma City University presents "Susannah" — the second most-performed American opera in history, after "Porgy and Bess" — at 3 p.m. today at Oklahoma City University’s Bass School of Music https://t.co/JMLGLX8Mri
So you, like most witnesses to crimes, have the past wrong. Much of what you remember did not really happen. Further, think about history. Much of what we think is history was, as they say, "written by the victors." Or it was forgotten and replaced by legends.
Step 4: Recruiting
The direct request to spy is the most fraught moment of espionage operation. But it doesn’t always happen how you think. In one case, a former CIA officer was recruited to spy for the Chinese on LinkedIn https://t.co/W3M5AnRqE35/
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5000 years of history and the #MacysParade will be one of 'the biggest, most impressive events' Jerusalem has ever seen? Opinion | Sandra Fox @vaybertaytsh
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