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  3. .@kanyewest defends his support for trump: 'liberals can't bully me'
.@kanyewest defends his support for Trump: 'Liberals can't bully me' https://t.co/yd2VqwCKdd


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Should Trump not hold even a corrupt crown prince of a third world country to account for his thuggish conduct, Trump might as well declare it open season on all Americans — or any free people who get on the wrong side of dictators. https://t.co/umiFyBImza
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Rules have been set for what attendees and demonstrators can and can't bring to President Donald Trump's rally in Mesa on Friday night. https://t.co/LpgEFPxZPC
"We know elections are expensive and we are grateful for both President Trump and President Bush to support her." https://t.co/3vJYPgqZLP
Trump has never explicitly called for the death of American journalists, but he has consistently incited the mobs at his rallies against working journalists, sometimes by name | @CNNOpinion
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