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  3. .@kanyewest defends his support for trump: 'liberals can't bully me'
.@kanyewest defends his support for Trump: 'Liberals can't bully me' https://t.co/yd2VqwCKdd


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ICYMI: “On this, Cohen could potentially destroy his old master.”

John Sweeney looks at what the conviction of Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen could mean for the US president.

Watch the full film here: https://t.co/1h2K9A5sQe

#newsnight | @johnsweeneyroar
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Nothing can stop Hulk! Lou Ferrigno is out of the hospital after a vaccine shot for pneumonia left fluid in his bicep. https://t.co/PCKB2xIrIY
On the Wizards side - they knew they had to do something. Team was floundering. Oubre was gonna cost too much. In trading for Ariza, Wizards can alway resign him to a number at or around his $15m
There’s zero chance anybody in the west wing can spell prognosticator, least of all trump or that bearded Richard spencer lookin dude who does his social. Only option is that Kimberly guilfoyle has seized control of the government
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