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Unicorns in the making: these are the next billion-dollar startups of 2018
A newly-discovered “lost world” of underwater volcanoes is teeming with diverse marine life above and below the waves
Len Blavatnik, the billionaire businessman with a net worth of $17.9B, says he has given away $500M to world-renowned universities like Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and Yale
Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen dies at 65
This startup built a treasure trove of crop data by putting A.I. in the hands of Indian farmers:
SignalFire CEO Chris Farmer models his VC firm off of Bridgewater and Uber—not traditional firms
Factors that led to Sears' filing for bankruptcy:

1. Maintenance as an afterthought
2. Trying to become more than just a retailer
3. Selecting regional malls rather than strip centers

More here: https://t.co/pJ3Mq1pAO7
This midterm season, a rising tide of scientists and teachers are running for state and national political office
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