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  3. this should be fun... 😂😂
This should be fun... 😂😂
This should be fun... 😂😂


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Will be fun to see a Los Angeles team and a Boston team compete for a championship for the first time. Should be civil.
This was almost...almost...the best weekend ever. What a crappy end to it. I should probably start packing for my 6am leaving for the airport now.
First time ever both Conference Championships go to overtime.

We should've known this would happen 😂
The last 5 offensive drives in this 4th quarter:
- Chiefs, FG
- Patriots, TD
- Chiefs, TD
- Patriots, TD
- Chiefs, TD

This is fun.
Man this is fun. Football >>>>
This game only accentuates and enhances the greatness of Nick Foles. If the #Eagles let him walk, everyone in the organization should be burned at the skate, and the ashes should spread over the Atlantic. My column:
Gotta agree: @tonyromo is doing great. Making this game even more fun. #KCvsNE
(I don't really think they'll do that but it's fun to joke about it. This game is awesome don't get mad.)
Chiefs should let them score on this play. Give Mahomes a chance.
Two passes that should've been caught and were not have changed this game - Edelman's and Jonathan Jones'. Simple as that.
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