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Emmanuel Macron campaigned for France’s presidency as a friend of business. Now, after weeks of often violent street protests, he is leaning on French companies to help the low-paid and fill a yawning gap in the public coffers. https://t.co/NKLsDUScgU
FT travel writers choose their best discoveries (and disappointments) of the year https://t.co/5MTSpkMLa7
Stocks to watch: GVC, Bovis, Telford Homes, Cairn Energy, Roche https://t.co/AylyQb57Pm
Theresa May had a humiliating EU summit. Here are 6 takeaways about what it means for the British prime minister and Brexit: https://t.co/T0VmHFCqHP
'When I speak about anti-Semitism I mean German anti-Semitism. That is the one that weighs on me' https://t.co/LppAXYJ14z
Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s general musters for a fight https://t.co/O2fW6BUAoo
Last year 12,700 international volunteers worked on projects around the world for our Seasonal Appeal partner Habitat for Humanity. Here are the stories from four of those volunteers https://t.co/aNU9ktnvze
Wondering what to see at the cinema this weekend? Free Solo, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Mortal Engines are among this week's reviews https://t.co/bNpPHutwRs
Former UK chancellor George Osborne has taken up another role – this time with his brother’s Silicon Valley fund https://t.co/wF7jPqJ1pr
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