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Chairman and chief executive of Blackrock Larry Fink estimates assets in ETFs that incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria — or 'ESG' factors — will grow from $25bn to more than $400bn in a decade. https://t.co/03NZxcnlNE
Saudi officials are grappling with a loss of faith at home over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi: 'My colleagues were in tears — this has shattered the country.' https://t.co/YFdSbkb6qu
Netflix has secured over $2bn from bond investors to back its aggressive programming expansion — preparing a renewed push into original content such as Stranger Things. https://t.co/ldmtIjJ1ji
Donald Trump is going to meet Vladimir Putin in Paris next month https://t.co/vcNCrWsGxk
Migrant caravan puts US and Mexico en route to policy clash https://t.co/baZvhRiFVO
Saudi rulers face loss of faith at home over Khashoggi https://t.co/NHv8p8hj9N
Days after Donald Trump announced his plan to pull out of a nuclear arms deal that helped end the cold war, Vladimir Putin told the US president's national security adviser that he was 'surprised' by the country's 'unprovoked steps towards Russia' https://t.co/DQxtmZDVdQ
The UK government's latest plan to get food and medicines in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit involves a flotilla of chartered ships ferrying 'critical supplies' https://t.co/SDsfWyKa7J
Lyft buys UK start-up Blue Vision on road to robo taxis https://t.co/Oknu1456YF
Donald Trump campaigned for the Republican running for Montana's Senate seat by praising him for body-slamming a reporter and attacking the Democrat Jon Tester.

Here's why Tester isn't taking the bait – and is instead focusing on his opponent: https://t.co/itp41ZOBGI
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