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Our Sports Explainer series continues with a look at the incredible winter sport of luge.

Every World Cup and World Championship across all major winter sports are available to watch live or on-demand across Eurosport linear and digital platforms.
All healthy players are present for #Pens morning skate after a travel day on Thursday. -MC
Bruce Springsteen's “magic trick” is to make us believe we are witness to a hurting and healing and that we are all the better for it via @IrishTimesCultr https://t.co/UlLiRdEVWF
You always, say, "Be true to yourself.", but you never say which part of yourself to be true to! -Incredibles Movie
This platitude is too simplistic of a mantra to incorporate all human identity. It fails to see who you are as multi-faceted & not all good https://t.co/LmDkhBtyN8
All of our minor athletes are protected under the new Pure Baseball Policies and Procedures.

LEARN MORE: https://t.co/cYhCEmOXoW
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My col: Nats can't pass up a chance to pick among SIX good free agents in a gloriously glutted 2d-base market. Three recent Gold Glovers, power, versatility, you name it. All tempting, but watch out __some are fool's gold. https://t.co/MGgNIRI32v
An incredibly special week, with equally special friends! Thank you to thebucketlistfamily for bringing us all together in Raja Ampat, Indonesia - we are eternally grateful! @settie4444… https://t.co/nSY5IxHFkk
What are the chances @UMichFootball keeps all of their assistant coaches during this offseason? @nickbaumgardner answers that and more in this week's Michigan mailbag. https://t.co/isBcbblw83
#BREAKING: The @FHSAA has released district & region assignments for the next two years... MAJOR, MAJOR changes in store! We are working to post all the details on shohttps://t.co/yAjFaK3mZartly. #flhsfb
"Ali Dia, he's a liar, he's a liar."

We all love a fictional footballer... and here are seven of the game's best.

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