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9 minutes
It's illegal to own 6 or more dildos in Texas.
17 minutes
Iceland's population is so small that an Icelandic company has created an anti-incest app to prevent Icelanders from dating their relatives.
26 minutes
10 Signs That Someone is Taking Drugs... https://t.co/pzLHkU5qQE
32 minutes
A Colombian woman once found a potato growing in her vagina.
41 minutes
Staying quiet doesn't mean you've got nothing to say. It means you don't think they're ready to hear your thoughts.
51 minutes
Morbid Reality: 10 Little-Known Facts About Death And Dying That Will Make You Glad To Be Alive... https://t.co/mjomY7M4xS
59 minutes
When a pregnant woman exercises, she makes her baby's heart healthier.
Before fame hit, Sam Smith worked at a bar cleaning toilets.
If you're having a grumpy day, these funny safety signs will definitely give you a laugh or two!... https://t.co/6t9vus6WDy
In a 1930s Mickey Mouse comic, Minnie cheated on Mickey with another mouse. Mickey then tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge.
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