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Wall Street ends the week on a strong note, DJIA posts 8th straight weekly gains #Equities #DowJones #Nasdaq #SP500
EUR/USD Forecast: good news or bad news, all valid for dollar's buyers
US Dollar Index Technical Analysis: DXY loses steam and closes below 97.00 figure #DollarIndex #Technical Analysis
USD/MXN Technical Analysis: Consolidation at higher levels, still bullish but limited by 19.50 #USDMXN #Technical Analysis
Oil Technical Analysis: WTI breaks to a new 2019 high reaching $56.22 a barrel #Oil #WTI #Technical Analysis
Stocks: A retrenchment of some of the recent gains seems likely - Charles Schwab #DowJones #Banks #Equities
Eurozone: Next week data includes German Ifo and EZ PMI - Danske Bank #Eurozone #Banks
US: Data disappointments could become more common, USD investors should take note - CIBC #DollarIndex #Banks
Saudi discipline and demand stability a catalyst for crude outperformance - TDS #Oil #WTI #Brent
GBP/USD rises further to the 1.2900 area, trims weekly losses #GBPUSD

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When is UK manufacturing production and how could affect GBP/USD?
After collapsing 570 pips in two weeks, $GBPUSD closes below 1.5300
RT this tweet and follow us to enter in a raffle of the book “Political Economy of Tomorrow” by
ECB’s Constancio: ‘Stimulus persistence’ justified by economic slack - CNBC By @ #ECB #CentralBanks
USD: Undervalued by 5% on a FEER assessment – Deutsche Bank
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