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  3. melania trump's parents get us citizenship under program slammed by trump
Melania Trump's parents get US citizenship under program slammed by Trump https://t.co/GIypx3q8Zx
Melania Trump's parents get US citizenship under program slammed by Trump https://t.co/GIypx3q8Zx


Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation, source says

Can you imagine the joy that Chief of Staff Chris Christie would experience walking in to tell Donald Trump that Jared has just been indicted? (And make no mistake, Christie would toss Trump under the bus in two seconds and probably enjoy that too.)
Watch: Melania Trump blasts media for attacks on son Barron, says "children should be off limits" https://t.co/5DdChVScjF
The @FLOTUS Melania Trump is keeping up the First Ladies’ tradition of a Christmas season visit to a Washington children’s hospital. She met with families and also read to the children.

#MelaniaTrump #FirstLady #Washington #Christmas
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Fox News' Howard Kurtz on Melania Trump: "No other modern first lady has been treated like this"
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.@MaddowBlog: President Trump's business, campaign, transition team, foundation, inaugural committee and a pro-Trump super PAC are under investigation. https://t.co/Nz9eJQDPEA
Pathetic ABC claims 'honest' Cohen just trying to get 'truth' out on Trump's ties to Russia https://t.co/DhfKMp23Zn
Melania Trump says she’s only criticized by people looking ‘to advance themselves’:
Perhaps this is why Juncker and Trump get along so well.
President Trump's inaugural committee is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in Manhattan for pay to play and misspending some of the $107 million it raised from donations, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. https://t.co/arA9R7wGI0
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