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PSG to face United as Liverpool draw Bayern in Champions League last 16 https://t.co/T3Xzn1xsHs
Residents of #Strasbourg gathered on Sunday for an emotional ceremony in honour of the victims of last Tuesday's attack at the city’s famous Christmas market
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DR Congo prepares to vote in end-of-an-era election https://t.co/UNZTX5FIlS
Thousands protest Orban government 'slave law' in Budapest https://t.co/2XdbPE1cy6
Saudi Arabia slams US Senate 'interferece' after Yemen, Khashoggi votes https://t.co/LEca0RW68h
Scuffles break out at Belgium protest against UN migration pact https://t.co/fUzDjEC0jj
French govt says made 'mistakes', hopes for end to 'Yellow Vest' protests https://t.co/Psv16ukatG
Strasbourg honours victims of terror attack as death toll rises to five https://t.co/xB4f63gJDZ
French ‘Yellow Vests’ see turnout dwindle on fifth weekend of protests https://t.co/VYVT3zcCJU
Macron’s ex-bodyguard Benalla faces fresh charges https://t.co/aqPNpUEjEM
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