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police are advising everyone on uc s campus shelter in place shooter on the loose police are clearing building
Police are advising everyone on UC's campus shelter in place. Shooter on the loose. Police are clearing buildings. No victims reported.
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Jon Swaine
new fbi said they believed donald trump and hope hicks discussed the need to silence stormy daniels in a confe
New: FBI said they believed Donald Trump and Hope Hicks discussed the need to silence Stormy Daniels in a conference call with Michael Cohen following the Access Hollywood tape leak
trump supporters chanted send her back about rep ilhan omar at last nights rally
Trump supporters chanted ‘SEND HER BACK’ about Rep. Ilhan Omar at last night’s rally
Shimon Prokupecz
no bail for jeffrey epstein a federal judge on thursday ordered jeffrey epstein who is accused of sexually abu
No bail for Jeffrey Epstein.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, to remain in jail pending trial, rejecting the multimillionaire’s request to return to his Upper East Side mansion.
CBS News
house is set to approve 15 federal minimum wage
House is set to approve $15 federal minimum wage
NBC News
rep cummings listening to pres trump i could not help but think about when i was 11 years old trying to integr
Rep. Cummings: Listening to Pres. Trump "I could not help but think about when I was 11 years old, trying to integrate ... We were taunted. Stones were thrown at us. Bottles. They said the same words. They said, 'go back to your neighborhood. Go back to where you came from.'"
Lou Dobbs
thank god doesn t put up with anti semitic ignorance of radical dems trying to destroy our heritage and our na
Thank God @realDonaldTrump Doesn't Put Up with Anti-Semitic Ignorance of Radical Dems Trying to Destroy Our Heritage and Our Nation: Omar introduces resolution to boycott Israel, likening it to Nazi Germany #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
The Spectator Index
school shootings since 2009 us 288 mexico 8 south africa 6 india 5 pakistan 4 nigeria 4 afghanistan 3 brazil 2
School shootings since 2009.

US: 288
Mexico: 8
South Africa: 6
India: 5
Pakistan: 4
Nigeria: 4
Afghanistan: 3
Brazil: 2
Canada: 2
France: 1
China: 1
Russia: 1
Germany: 1
Turkey: 1
Japan: 0
Spain: 0
Italy: 0
UK: 0
Netherlands: 0
Australia: 0
@CNN 2 hours
send her back chant shows president trump s ugly plan to get reelected analysis by
'Send her back!' chant shows President Trump's ugly plan to get reelected | Analysis by @StCollinson
Greg Abbott
in some states leaders support abortion until the last minute of pregnancy even after a child is born not in t
In some states leaders support abortion until the last minute of pregnancy — even after a child is born.

Not in Texas.

I formally signed the Born Alive Act to make it illegal to kill a child who survives an abortion.

It also ensures the baby receives needed medical care.
Julie Pace
new york ap court records show trump was on calls with aides rushing to squash stories about alleged affairs b
NEW YORK (AP) — Court records show Trump was on calls with aides rushing to squash stories about alleged affairs before election.
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