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Rick Scott
today i sent a letter to requesting that they provide any evidence to corroborate claims about fls election se
Today I sent a letter to requesting that they provide any evidence to corroborate claims about FL’s election security within 7 days.

It is my goal to have free & fair elections with zero fraud. The security of Florida’s election systems is crucial.

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Ultra Naté
tbt double the fun with two ls louieveganyc amp lillouisofficial housemusic legends history
#TBT Double the fun with two #L’s @LouieVeganyc & lillouisofficial #housemusic #legends #history
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Europe Elects
uk 305 counted hard brexit parties 352 conservatives labour 231 remain parties 402
UK: 30.5% counted.

Hard Brexit parties: 35.2%
Conservatives/Labour: 23.1%
Remain parties: 40.2%

#EP2019 #Brexit #EuropeanElections2019 #EUelections2019
Mirror Politics
lib dems beat labour in london in massive shift to anti brexit party as tories in fifth
Lib Dems BEAT Labour in London in massive shift to anti-Brexit Party - as Tories in FIFTH #europeanelectionresults
teleSUR English
strong earthquake hits peru s amazon region
Strong earthquake hits #Peru's #Amazon region.
here are your 11pm updates for the brexit party is ahead and has gained two seats labour is a long way behind
Here are your 11pm updates for the #EP2019:

🔴 Brexit Party is ahead and has gained two seats
🔴 Labour is a long way behind and has lost a seat
🔴 There are early gains for Lib Dems

Follow live updates here 👉
Judicial Watch ?
jw announced that a senior fbi official admitted in writing and under oath that the agency found clinton email
JW announced that a senior FBI official admitted, in writing and under oath, that the agency found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of the President.

i honored democrat admonition to have mueller finish his investigation that found no collusion tween trumpampr
I honored Democrat admonition to have Mueller finish his investigation that found no collusion tween Trump&Russia I hope they will hv same deference to Barr investigation of how such a conspiracy got started. Need to reestablish confidence in FBI/CIA
Europe Elects
eu28 ladies and gentlemen the new european parliament details based on the results of the bbc the european par
EU28: Ladies and gentlemen, the new European Parliament!

(based on the results of the BBC, the European Parliament website, and based on our research of the future group affiliation of "new" parties entering the European Parliament). #EP2019
@theSNP 2 hours
the snp wins in renfrewshire scotlandsforeurope euelections2019
Jeremy Corbyn MP
my europeanelectionresults statement
My #EuropeanElectionResults statement:
Tom Watson
following the disastrous eu election results labour urgently needs to re think its brexit position and realign
Following the disastrous EU election results, Labour urgently needs to re-think its Brexit position and realign with members and voters. For Britain’s sake, we must find our voice and fast. I want to hear from members and supporters in this survey...
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