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Rick Scott
socialism has never worked these democrats have gone off the deep end they say theyre progressive theyre regre
Socialism has never worked. These Democrats have gone off the deep end. They say they’re progressive; they’re regressive.

Anyone who wants to bring that evil to our country doesn’t understand what makes America great. Check out a clip from my @AmericaNewsroom interview⬇️
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The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
sharylattkisson apologies to president trump via thehillopinion
.@SharylAttkisson: "Apologies to President Trump" (via @thehillopinion)
The Hill
@thehill 11 minutes
father of sandy hook victim dies in apparent suicide
Father of Sandy Hook victim dies in apparent suicide
@bennyjohnson 59 minutes
woke lindsey graham drops hammer calls for new special counsel to investigate fbi doj hillary clinton andrew m

Calls for NEW Special Counsel to investigate:

- Hillary Clinton
- Andrew McCabe
- James Comey
- Fusion GPS
- James Clapper
- John Brennan
- Fake Trump Dossier
- FISA warrant process
- Anyone who wanted to spy on Trump campaign
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ABC News Politics
president trump s attorney jay sekulow responds to barr s letter on the mueller report the reality is that con
President Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow responds to Barr's letter on the Mueller report "The reality is that Congress is wasting the taxpayers' money, frankly. They should be going about legislating and governing, rather than continuing this"
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Greg Sargent
the barr story made simple trump won in part due to a massive foreign attack on our democracy trump engaged in
The Barr story, made simple:

* Trump won in part due to a massive foreign attack on our democracy.

* Trump engaged in extensive abuses of power to prevent a reckoning into that.

* Trump's AG is blocking a public airing on both those fronts.

My piece:
Bill O'Reilly
worst offenders were cnn msnbc nyt wapo to say their coverage of the mueller investigation was disgraceful is
Worst offenders were CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo. To say their coverage of the Mueller investigation was disgraceful is an extreme understatement. Using anonymous sources and false assertions, they ginned up a phony narrative that divided the country and interfered with its governance.
Narendra Modi
birthday wishes to my valued cabinet colleague ji birender ji is a veteran leader whose experience is an asset
Birthday wishes to my valued Cabinet colleague @ChBirenderSingh Ji.

Birender Ji is a veteran leader whose experience is an asset for the BJP and Central Government. His passion for farmer welfare and work in the steel sector is noteworthy. Praying for his long and healthy life.
The Hill
@thehill 48 minutes
breaking dem senator udall will not seek reelection in 2020
#BREAKING: Dem Senator Udall will not seek reelection in 2020
Bernie Sanders
im proud to stand in solidarity with 1500 grad workers at the university of illinois at chicago uic who are on
I’m proud to stand in solidarity with 1,500 grad workers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) who are on strike for a living wage. I say to UIC: Sit down at the bargaining table. Negotiate in good faith. Pay your workers a living wage.
@GOP 1 hour
remember the obama administration had the opportunity to respond to russias cyber campaign against the us and
REMEMBER: The Obama Administration had the opportunity to respond to Russia’s cyber campaign against the U.S. and failed to do so.

Despite having two-years of advance knowledge, the Obama Administration failed to issue any response of strength to Russia’s cyber meddling.
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