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1️⃣ The first Ghanaian to play for #Barça
1️⃣4️⃣ The 14th African to wear the 🔵🔴
💪 #EnjoyPrince


.@alleniverson to Steph: “You’re in my top 5 all day long.” 🙌🏽

[via @NBAonTNT]
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Stephen Curry sets up Khris Middleton for your Heads Up Play of the Day! 👀
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Steph & Giannis really did that! 😯

Where does this dunk rank in #NBAAllStar game history? 🔥
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D-Generation X to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019, per @tim00

- Triple H
- Shawn Michaels
- Road Dogg
- Billy Gunn
- X-Pac
- Chyna
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We will exchange some tips ... i will show him how to perfect the lion celebration 🐾 and he will teach me how to put more goals😎
So twitter do your job 🙏🏿🙏🏿
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For a place in the FA Cup quarter-finals...

Chelsea v Manchester United. 🔵🔴

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Kevin Garnett says the 2000 USA Olympics team had a $1M bounty to whoever could dunk on Yao Ming, per @steven_lebron

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Ovechkin’s two power-play goals marked the first time in 30 games that Washington got more than one power-play goal on the same night
Twenty-five Pies head to the Latrobe Valley region for our annual Community Camps last week.

Ruckman Max Lynch chats about his experience.
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It was nine years in the making, but it sure felt good for Jumbo to snag an @Enterprise hatty.
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Joe Thornton registered his first hat-trick in 8.5 years in a 6-5 overtime loss to the Bruins.
Inspired by the man. Carried by the family.

Learn how Wings sets up the next generation for success.
Now that was an entertaining 2 points for the Bruins, now 3-0 on road trip.
Telling Numbers: Data from the last two parliamentary elections underline a low vote count for Muslim candidates, and a low representation in Lok Sabha.

Six straight wins for the @NHLBruins!
'I'm sure he can because he's one of the best'

Luis Figo backs Cristiano Ronaldo to make the difference for Juventus in the Champions League
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