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UK: Search launched for plane missing in the English Channel
UK: Search launched for plane missing in the English Channel


BREAKING: An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State's Attorney office, two sources with knowledge of the development tell CNN
#BREAKING: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be charged in prostitution ring
CBS' @RebeccaRKaplan reports House Democrats introduce resolution to block Pres Trump's national emergency to build southern border wall.
Trump applauded Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for criminal violence against a journalist. He literally clapped.
Jussie Smollett's character in "Empire" will be removed from the final two episodes of the fifth season.
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JUST IN: R. Kelly charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Not saying it was appropriate conduct, but the @amyklobuchar fork story has now received more coverage in less than a day than Donald Trump's mob ties received during the entire 2016 campaign.

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Police launch manhunt for Mamelodi serial rapist

Pretoria police have launched a manhunt for a 30 year old man who is alleged to have terrorised single women and children in Mamelodi and Nellmapius, east of the city.
The Heidi Search Center helped thousands of families looking for a missing person before it closed in January 2018. Former executive director Dottie Laster is still fighting to educate families before tragedy strikes.
The Latest: Search is off for missing woman in landslide
The search engine says for the past year, it has purposely blocked all vaccination-related posts and searches.
Chicago police are searching for a missing 11-year-old boy last seen in the Bronzeville neighborhood.
According to a copy of the settlement document KCEN Channel 6 obtained from a source, Judd Thrash will receive a lump sum of $116,733.39, which was the rest of his salary remaining in his contract, in exchange for his resignation.
Tonight at 10: They’re leaving the church in search of more meaning in their lives - and yes - it can be called witchcraft, but their spells are for good - not for evil. Tune in to CBS13 to learn about the spellbinding sisterhood.
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A Virgin Galactic rocket plane soared to the edge of space with a test passenger for the first time
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Family make new plea in search for missing man Paul Watson
Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo rocket plane reached space for a second time in a test flight over California, climbing higher and faster than before while also carrying a crewmember to evaluate the long-awaited passenger experience.
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