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  3. . and have earned their first nominations for "all the stars" from the black panther soundtrack.
. and have earned their first nominations for "#GoldenGlobesAll The Stars" from the Black Panther soundtrack.
. and  have earned their first  nominations for '#GoldenGlobesAll The Stars' from the Black Panther soundtrack.


Time to decide the winner of the #R3CarolCompetition 2018! You have until 5pm on Thu 21 Dec to listen to all six shortlisted carols and vote for your favourite: https://t.co/gRWAMWUFI1
"We are not like the BJP. We do not believe our way is highway. We have a coalition called the UPA. We all sit together and decide together the strategy for 2019, " says Congress leade @JM_Scindiar to NDTV
Our first GIF is for @forestservice! One of our all-time favorite records is the famous Cocktail Construction Chart of 1974. We raise a glass to you and wish a happy holiday season! #ArchivesGIFgiving
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Perhaps it is the presence of the holiday season, but I think a lot about those who have lost a child. Been separated from their children.
I thank God for how blessed I am to have my family.
Michael Barnard 2⃣-2⃣ Joe De Sousa

From two sets down, De Sousa has fought back to square up the match and send it all the way! Who will hold their nerve? #WHDarts
The initiation took an extreme turn when students apple-bobbed in containers of piss and alcohol. First years were given cocktails of wine and milk, before crawling to the garage to have their heads shaved. Some drank shots of vodka from a pig’s head. https://t.co/lVjLSFTrVS
TONIGHT, 8pm, we've got 2 new episodes of #SecondChanceDresses for you! First up, we meet bride Emma Louise, AND then a very special episode full of all the awks moments from the series 🙈
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The forgotten victims of Fukushima (2011), who are still living in matchbox-sized temporary accommodation 7 years on, speak out for the first time on camera, about their experience with the Japanese government, TEPCO and radiation.

Watch the full film: https://t.co/FOum47PQQu
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Chelsea fans singing anti semetic songs & racially abusing black players when the only reason they have trophies in their cabinet is because of Jews and blacks is the most delicious of ironies.

Without either they'd be what they've mostly been for 100 yrs.

Bang fucking average.
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