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  3. #tbt to @violadavis' glorious afro from the the 2018 golden globes. 😍
#TBT to @ViolaDavis' glorious afro from the the 2018 Golden Globes. 😍https://t.co/exASjjZFuC
#TBT to @ViolaDavis' glorious afro from the  the 2018 Golden Globes. 😍https://t.co/exASjjZFuC


What's the BEST show of 2018?
From #KillingEve to #CalltheMidwife, #Bodyguard to #PatrickMelrose, #AVeryEnglishScandal to #TheCry, #MrsWilson #Poldark and many, many more, we want YOU to vote for your favourite
From @Drake to @TheWeatherStn: these are the 20 best Canadian music videos of 2018 https://t.co/6yU4DWzjDz
Google releases list of top searches from 2018... Some will surprise you and some wont!

More people in the U.S. Googled 'Stacey Abrams' than any other politician in 2018 - https://t.co/vtm5NMq27g
On #RajKapoor's 94th birth anniversary we share vignettes from the showman's glorious life.

Expansions co-host @sharlesemetcalf shares her Top Albums of 2018, including releases from @hhhendrixx, Peine Perdue, IV/AN, Pleasures, and more! Tune in today for the #KEXPTop903 Countdown, as voted on by our listeners: https://t.co/2huR2gCRqS
How how common has it been in 2018 to see a movie featuring Common? Our @richardroeper ranks the best and worst of them from this year. https://t.co/gijQjErEjN
See Kurt Vile play “Loading Zones,” the lead single from one of our top 10 best albums of 2018, 'Bottle It In,' on #Kimmel https://t.co/Gk2mpI4YSR
#FreeShippingDay 2018: Get free shipping from #Macys, #BestBuy, #Target and others | Get all the coupon codes you need: https://t.co/PCsqCtlJOP
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