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Judging by the rebranding of the other two, Sonic may be looking at a macho makeover https://t.co/HxNxnaQvob
One CEO runs an award-winning bakery, and the other co-founded an ice cream brand with a national fanbase: Meet the hosts of Eater’s new podcast ‘Start to Sale’ https://t.co/NINdiSqoCG
Pyongyang naengmyeon — buckwheat noodles in a chilled broth — is the North Korean dish that crossed borders https://t.co/qGSoU19CWI
Why wage theft permeates America’s restaurant industry, from fast food to fine dining https://t.co/wvx09pPnFt
Sonic drive-in sold to Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings parent company for $2.3 billion https://t.co/rX2Gx3Si7X
.@AntoniPorowski would like a slice of cold birthday cake for breakfast and other fun facts in this edition of the Famous Original Eater Questionhttps://t.co/4V0naSms42naire 🎂
Listen to the trailer for ‘Start to Sale’ now, and subscribe to get the first episode — featuring Milk Bar’ @ChristinaTosis — on Thursday

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Can you turn a bacon egg and cheese sandwich into a sausage? See the ‘Prime Time’ hosts make an attempt on Facebook Watch https://t.co/ZkskT9ZGLa
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Meet the CEOs behind Eater’s new business and entrepreneurship-focused podcast, ‘Start to Sale’ https://t.co/PUquH31tpx
Famous Italian-American Lady Gaga clinched her role ‘A Star Is Born’ by feeding Bradley Cooper leftover pasta https://t.co/uSqtwlVlDY
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