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The Washington Post Owes Fox & Friends An Apology https://t.co/0SfzKunDjJ
I see conservatives now recirculating tweets from Washington Post writers who tweeted the original piece before all the facts were known. Show them as much grace as you want the kids shown. They trust their reporters, who got it wrong. Let’s see how they correct it.
Nathan Phillips Lied. The Media Bought It. https://t.co/sIhKFtATzl
A lot of reporters would rather keep pushing the fake BuzzFeed story and the fake March for Life story than point out the President offered a reasonable compromise on the border, but now the Democrats are the ones refusing to compromise.
There are a lot of really good journalists who would rather be right than first, but institutionally the American press corps has begun defaulting to clicks and ratings, which makes being first instead of accurate way to important.
Sadly, there are a significant percentage of progressive activists and some reporters who will not care they got the story wrong because the kid was wearing a MAGA cap.
Fox's Restraint on Buzzfeed Story Paid Off, Take Notes https://t.co/8wwt2r5VVD
That statement came prior to the release of the full video that shows the facts as reported are wrong.
From Duke Lacrosse to UVA to the March for Life - The Media Still Values It’s “White Boys Are a Threat” Narrative Over Facts and Truth https://t.co/COpCYtoJrs
From the Duke Lacrosse case to the UVA story in Rolling Stone to now these kids at March for Life, the media sure loves to run with selectively edited and spun stories to vilify students only to be have the full facts reveal very different stories. It’s becoming a pattern.
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