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European Commission
the treaty came into force in 1995 it made free movement within europe a reality today most eu countries are p
The #Schengen treaty came into force #OnThisDay in 1995!
It made free movement within Europe a reality.
Today, most EU countries are part of the border-free Schengen Area, for the direct benefit of more than 400 million EU citizens.
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Mark Knoller
on house judiciary chair says committee subpoena will be issued today for full unredacted version of the muell
On @CBSThisMorning, House Judiciary Chair @RepJerryNadler says Committee subpoena will be issued today for full, unredacted version of the Mueller Report. Ridicules invitation to read less redacted version, if he can't take notes and share material with his Committee.
Chuck Schumer
the mueller report shows how dense the trump swamp is how dishonest this president is and how erratic this adm
The Mueller report shows how dense the Trump swamp is, how dishonest this president is, and how erratic this administration is.

It’s no wonder the middle class is not making progress under this administration.
@GOP 1 hour
its a good thing when we can say that not just the president not just his campaign but no american was involve
It’s a good thing when we can say that not just the President, not just his campaign, but no American was involved in colluding with a foreign government—and a sad day in America when Democrats and members of the liberal media are sad it didn't happen.” - @PressSec
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CNN Politics
sen angus king says attorney general william barr misrepresented the mueller report the football analogy is mu
Sen. Angus King says Attorney General William Barr "misrepresented" the Mueller report: "The football analogy is Mueller passed the obstruction question to the Congress and Barr intercepted the pass and tried to take it over himself"
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gop lawmakers stick to barrs talking points despite mueller report contradictions
GOP lawmakers stick to Barr’s talking points, despite Mueller report contradictions
The Hill
@thehill 46 minutes
comey tweets so many answers following release of mueller report
Comey tweets "so many answers" following release of Mueller report
@BJP4India 2 hours
live shri amitshah addresses public meeting in pune maharashtra bharatmangemodidobara
LIVE: Shri @AmitShah addresses public meeting in Pune, Maharashtra. #BharatMangeModiDobara
Sam Stein
i still can t get over how fully and quickly barr decided to burn his credibility
I still can't get over how fully and quickly Barr decided to burn his credibility.
@GOP 1 hour
while russia was interfering in the 2016 election the obama administration was asleep at the switch and focuse
While Russia was interfering in the 2016 election, the Obama Administration was asleep at the switch and focused instead on baselessly spying on the Trump campaign.

Get the FACTS. ⬇️
Amy Klobuchar
maybe they didnt use tanks or missiles but make no mistake russia invaded our democracy
Maybe they didn’t use tanks or missiles, but make no mistake — Russia invaded our democracy.
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