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.@Zendaya has just become @LancomeUSA's youngest-ever brand ambassador
Boiling and eating a frog has landed @BearGrylls and @derekhough in hot water with Bulgarian authorities
#JussieSmollett 's attorneys issue scathing statement, blast Chicago PD, says star "feels betrayed by a system that apparently wants to skip due process and proceed directly to sentencing"
The artist being the #QueenMeghan painting wasn't asked for permission, but he is hoping to be asked soon
#SpaceJam2 will arrive in theatres in 2021, and if the just-released poster is any indication, #LolaBunny will be leaving #BugsBunny in the dust
Yet again, @KimKardashian proves she has sister @khloekardashian's back
.@Diane_Keaton and #JackiWeaver start a cheerleading squad in the hilarious new trailer for #Poms
The very sweet reason Meghan Markle didn't open her baby shower gifts
.@chrissyteigen REALLY wants a goddaughter named Bea — so #PrincessBeatrice offers herself up
Video: Find out exactly what went down in Chicago today with Jussie Smollett

The Most Relevant

.@bts_bighit walk the #GRAMMYs red carpet, share they're working on new music
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.@bts_bighit is already breaking records in 2019
.@justinbieber & @Drake Are Neck & Neck In Our Battle For #MostBeautifulCanadian - Vote Now
Photo: @justinbieber hits the party scene at #Cannes - attending the @VanityFair party
We're backstage @ComedyCentral's #JustinBieber roast, the first clips TONIGHT! #tunein
RT @justinbieber Together we can change the world
.@justinbieber is DMing lyrics to fans on Twitter and #Beliebers are going crazy
They're here! @BTS_twt rock the #Grammys red carpet. Check out all the red carpet looks here --
We've joined the #whatdoyoumeanviral wave. What do you think, @justinbieber? #WhatDoYouMean
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