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Latest Scoops

Neymar is going home ✈️🇧🇷☀️
Diego Simeone talks us through his celebration against Juventus.
Kylian Mbappe pulls clear of Cristiano Ronaldo 👀
85' Schalke 2-1 Man City
FT: Schalke 2-3 Man City

That free-kick from @LeroySane19 👌
Alvaro Morata's goal was disallowed for a push on Chiellini after a VAR review.

Was it the right decision?
Schalke 2-1 Man City.

Otamendi has been sent off after picking up his second yellow card.

This is not going to plan for the Premier League champions 😬
Cristiano Ronaldo was booed by the Atletico fans throughout the first-half.

So he reminded them how many Champions League titles he's won 🖐
Top quality entertainment on the pitch and in the stands at Schalke tonight 😂

The Most Relevant

Diego Maradona with one of the greatest post-match interviews ever.
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The woman on the left is @ufc fighter Polyana Viana.

The man on the right tried to steal her phone and had his face rearranged.
Jurgen Klopp really likes this translator's voice 🤭
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Roger Federer's response to #Wimbledon clashing with the #WorldCup final is superb 👏
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Eden Hazard tells a fan at #NBALondon that he will NEVER leave Chelsea!
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Flipping amazing!

Rubin Kazan youth player scores an astonishing backflip penalty 😳
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There was a surprise guest at Yaya Toure's Man City farewell party tonight 👀
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Pep Guardiola dancing at a party 20 years ago is the best thing you'll watch today 😂
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Conceded 5 vs Barcelona
Conceded 5 vs Switzerland
Conceded 3 vs Sevilla
Conceded 3 vs Eibar
Conceded 3 vs CSKA Moscow
Taylor Twellman’s rant about the U.S national team was epic👌🏼

Watch more here:
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