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We're the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We defend your civil liberties in a digital world.

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It should be easy for users to make choices that protect their data privacy. But all too often, companies design their products to manipulate users into surrendering their data privacy.
The proper use of emergency powers matters for digital rights.

EFF has opposed their misuse in the courts and public debate through presidential administrations stretching back to our founding in 1990.

We’re not stopping now.
Due to errors in the automated license plate reader database, @OaklandPrivacy’s @b_haddy was detained at gunpoint for allegedly driving a stolen car. According to one official this is not uncommon: in 10 percent of cases, the cameras have led to mistakes.
Letting a supposed national emergency serve as a pretense for extraordinary executive powers outside of congressional approval has proven to be very dangerous for digital civil liberties.
We're hiring a Project Manager for our diverse and friendly Engineering and Design team! Help support and facilitate communication between EFF's team of lawyers, technologists, and activists, and keep our project portfolio in great shape.
The SEC's vague language in its EtherDelta case is worrying, regardless of how you feel about cryptocurrencies.
For years, renters in Oakland CA have been denied access to the Internet Service Provider with the best service and pricing for their needs. If this has happened to you, EFF wants to know about it.
"What does MyHealth do?"
"Nothing. Actually nothing. They're patent trolls."
Let's send a message to the Patent Office: overly broad software patents incentivize trolling.
Reading the first-ever nonfiction issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly, "The End of Trust," is a great way to spend this weekend:
Don't let telecom companies mislead you:
* 5G isn't here yet
* There are actual standards for what constitutes a 5G network
* Those standards rely on the fiber infrastructure, and we aren't anywhere near ready for it

The Most Relevant

The FCC's decision to abandon its traditional role in protecting an open and free Internet will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in Internet policy history.

We will fight in the courts, in the states, and in Congress to restore #NetNeutrality.
Tumblr's new "adult content" filter is so bad at its job, it flagged Tumblr's own examples of acceptable nudity
BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13 and #Article11—the disastrous #CensorshipMachine and #LinkTax copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.
@EFF 11 months
We've received documents that confirm:

- Best Buy gave the FBI a tour of their repair facility

- The FBI paid Geek Squad employees as informants

- FBI agents have a process for investigating & prosecuting people who sent their devices to the Geek Squad
.@NSAGov, the webcam covers you're giving out have an interesting defect: the purple ones are transparent. 🤔
This is a crucial moment for those in the EU to stop #Article13 and #Article11—votes in the coming weeks will determine whether huge swaths of online expression will be subject to mass, arbitrary control.

Here's what you can do today to help:
The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.
BREAKING: The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that cell phone location data is protected by the Fourth Amendment.
Facebook has been using contact information that users explicitly provided for two-factor authentication—or that users never provided at all—for targeted advertising.
If US border agents asked you to provide social media information or access to your digital devices or cloud content, contact
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