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The Democrat Party
FAKE Hate Crime
Media Machine

One More Way To Attack #PresidentTrump And Trump Supporters

Was Kamala Harris Part Of The #JussieSmollettHoax⁉️

The Chicago Police May Have Exposed

▶️The Democrat Hate Crime Industrial Complex

Fake Hate Crimes Are A Device Used By The Left

To Advance Their FALSE Narratives About Racist Sexist Homophobic #America

And To BLAME #PresidentTrump

@realDonaldTrump #JessieSmollettHoax
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#JussieSmollett Gives New Meaning To #MAGA

Now We Need To Add Mueller Rosenstein McCabe Comey

And The Rest Of The #HillaryFanClub

#LockThemAllUp @realDonaldTrump #JussieSmollettHoaxHoax
Chicago Police
Eddie Johnson:

Q. Why Did #Smollett Use The Noose Symbolism⁉️

A. Committed
& Tr@realDonaldTrumpump Supporters

Advancing The FALSE Narrative That & Tr#Trumpump Supporters Are RACISTS

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Eddie Johnson Chicago Police Superintendent:

Why Does An African American Use The Noose Symbolism To Make False Accusations⁉️

Because #JussieSmollett Is A Trump Hater Advancing The Narrative:

'Trump & His Supporters Are Racists'

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FAKE NEWS & The Left Will Never Give Up The Narrative

Expect Them To Say
'We Know This REALLY Happens Anyway' So

Trump AND Trump Supporters ARE Still Racist White Supremacists

@realDonaldTrump #JussieSmollettHoax
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#BernieSanders 1985

NEVER Held A Real Job

Embraces Communism That Killed Over 100 Million In The Last Century

Emblematic Of The Marxist Democrat Party

Praising Castro & Went To Nicaragua To Advise Ortega How To FIGHT #Reagan & #America
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You Cannot Trust McCabe

He LEID 3 Times Under Oath

#Dobbs @Jim_Jordan

Where Is The McCabe Indictment⁉️

Why Does McCabe Get To Go On A Book Tour & Profit From His LIES About @realDonaldTrump

While Flynn Is Bankrupt & Manafort Rots In Prison⁉️
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Jussie Smollett Charged With Felony Disorderly Conduct

Filing False Police Report & Perpetrating The #JussieSmollettHoax

Now We Need To Prosecute The #HillaryFanClub For The #RussiaHoax

Speaking As The Son Of #Auschwitz Survivors:

Nothing Says #AntiSemitism Like An Endorsement From

'Hitler Was A Great Man'

▶️Jew Hater Farrakhan Praises Omar:

'You Have NOTHING To Apologize For'

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The Most Relevant

My Parents Survived Auschwitz

They Came To #America
Because They Wanted To Be #Americans

NOT To Become Parasites
6 Antifa Members Beating One Man

Why Are These People Not Charged And Prosecuted⁉️

Why Are We Trashing The #RuleOfLaw

If This Was Reversed There Would Be Prosecutions In A Nanosecond

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You Praised Obama When He Did The Wave With Mass Murderer Castro

But You Attack On Who Was NOT Jus#Khashoggit A Journalist

He Was A Muslim Brotherhood Operative Disguised As A Journalist

Just Like YOU Are Democrat Operatives Disguised As Journalists
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My Parents Survived Auschwitz

Family Was Murdered

I Will NOT Be Silenced By Nazi Collaborator Soros & His ANTIFA Thugs

Calling Me A NAZI
#Kaepernick Abandoned By His Black Father

Claims To Be Oppressed By White People

Like His White Generous Adoptive Parents

When You Shut Down The Speech Of A Private Citizen Who Posted A Gif

Expect An Explosion Of
Candlelight Vigils & Teddy Bears Will NOT STOP Until People WAKE UP

THIS Is The Appropriate Response To Manchester
ANTIFA Is Conscripting Violent Criminals & Gangs To HUNT
#Trump Supporters

And #Police Are Told To Stand Down
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They Are Investigating The WRONG Attorney General

Why Isn't The #GOP Investigating #LorettaLynch⁉️ @newtgingrich
#PresidentTrump Send Federal Marshals To ARREST
#SanctuaryCities Officials

They Are Accomplices To MURDER

They Are Violating The Laws Of The United States

Why Are We Giving Sanctuary To An Illegal Criminal Who KILLED

#BuildTheWall @realDonaldTrump
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