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OB/GYN, writer, sexpert, defender of evidence-based medicine, Canadian Spice. I wield the lasso of truth. Tweets not medical advice. I speak for no one but me.

Latest Scoops

Why wouldn’t Kraft have used a more discrete option?
I also have in my mind that at the end of The Vagina Bible World Tour I should have a debate with Jordan Peterson, perhaps called “Of Contraception, Sex, and Lobsters.” Charity fund raiser. Friendly Canadian fare. After all we do have the same Canadian publisher...
And my handy vulva vagina Venn diagram is in Chapter 1!
And two early reviews of The Vagina Bible from @deborahblum and @ayeletw
I’m touring to support, US and Canada for sure. Working on U.K. I will be giving awesome lectures at many book signings — stuff I couldn’t fit in the book. And of course talking about some of my own sexcapades.
You can buy it everywhere! If you pre order it helps me a lot as that tells book sellers it is an important book and they are more likely to feature it so more people can read about my vagenda! @KensingtonBooks has more info and of course here
Why do we have a hymen? Why vaginal discharge is the coolest defense mechanism!
Why is trichomonas more common in women over 40 and much much more!
I haven’t seen a doctor’s lounge since 2001 and KU Medical Center in Kansas.

The Most Relevant

Dear Misogynists, stop pretending to be doctors
Who do you think removes bullets from spines and repairs (or tries to) livers blasted by an AR-15? The tooth fairy? This literally is medicine’s lane.
Babies are not ripped from thee womb moments before birth. That is a lie. I am an OB/GYN trained in abortion after 24 weeks so I get to say that. #SOTU #ProLie #StateoftheUterus
Fellow doctors of twitter, have you ever written a letter stating your patient will be healthy for more than 2 years? And where can I take a Predictive Medicine fellowship?
What reduces abortions?
Free, accessible contraception.
That’s it.
Study after study tells us this.
Laws simple penalize women.
If you claim to be pro life and your mission is not free, accessible contraception you are a forced birther.
Men with sperm, if you do not want a pregnancy do not stick your penis in a vagina.
I’ve done abortions after 24 weeks.
For several years I lived in a state with no gestational age limit.
I have never done one that was not medically indicated.
I was never approached by any woman to do a non medically indicated abortion.
Why was he walking in such an unsafe area of town?
I was raped 28 years ago.
I was too scared to tell anyone. Didn't mean it didn't happen.
If he ran for office I'd speak up.
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