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Good Luck #JAXA Mission Hayabusa 2 !! Landing on Asteroid Ryugu TODAY !! Watch the live feed at Bri
Happy Birthday iommi099 ,Father of Heavy Metal ! And greatest pal ! Glad you liked the shirt !!! At a stroke you have made it cool !!! Bri
David Eicher and me. Just found this picture (tell me who took it so I can credit) - and had to post. It was the moment we wound up our lecture at Astrofest last week or so. This man has…
KERRY ELLIS ! Creator of the rôle of Meat in We Will Rock You ! In concert ! A rare chance to see my great pal Kerry singing close-up, and in conversation with the lovely Gaby Roslin.…
Yeeeeeay !!!! Time to Rock the Oscars —- watch this space !!! Bri X
Yeeeeeay !!!! Time to Rock the Oscars —- watch this space !!! Bri X
Slash honours the BEST ! Happy Birthday Taylor Hawkins !!! Bri
Lunacy, tragedy. Surely it’s time ? Time to stop this ? The country made a terrible mistake in voting to leave one of the world’s most powerful communities. You can’t blame anyone for…
Tonight our very own Moon is ‘gibbous’ - meaning its phase - its illumination - is somewhere between half and full, as seen from Earth. My telescope - on my roof in Town - is dusty…
Hmmmm ... clothes shopping is not really my thing. For me it happens about once a year ! But today I had some help. Is this a good look ? ! Happy Wednesday folks. Bri

The Most Relevant

URGENT !!! URGENT !!! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to save a beautiful coral reef and irreplaceable eco-system, threatened by USA extending an airbase. Bri
URGENT ! Last chance to sign a petition to stop the destruction of an irreplaceable coral reef in Okinawa.…
This is a day in the year I would never be able to celebrate. But, old pal, we never forget - not for a moment. Rock on dear Freddie. Bri
5 Seconds on Stage in 3-D last night in Tallinn. @5SOS @VoodooDoll_2997
Rockin' ! Photo by me ! Bri
Dear Fox - THANKS for my bery beautiful ボ-ヘ-ミ-ア-ン ラ-プ-ソ-デ-ィ happi coat ! And ... Dear Japanese fans and friends - THANKS for going NUTS over our film. How wonderful that it has become a…
It's official today. This awful woman will bring back blood sports unless we mobilise and STOP HER. Bri
Thanks King Rami - you are IT !!! I’m still in shock at walking away with the two top awards of the night. THANK YOU Golden Globes ! BRI
George ? George Michael ? No ... it cannot be. Beyond sad. #RIPGeorgeMichael Bri
Not a day I like to celebrate. Just quietly and fondly remember. RIP Freddie. Bri
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