The only press events I've experienced remotely like this in content or style were the Gadhafi family's press engagements in the early 2000s
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If you're around May 3, come see me onstage with Canada's pioneers of indigenous sci-fi and Afro-Futurism! Tickets:
(@AdamSerwerThat article, BTW, which is about Confederate Flag defenders as the most delicate politically-correct snowflakes: )
I really enjoy Buzzfeed's serious journalism (like this piece by @AdamSerwer ) but man do their banners ever have a deflating effect
I really enjoy Buzzfeed's serious journalism (like this piece by @AdamSerwer ) but man do their banners ever have a deflating effect
Enjoying a sweet chunk of May As Well Be Canadian Delight while headed for an invigorating Pretty Much The Same As Canadian Bath
CONTROVERSIAL: Study suggests Americans have a more in-your-face notion of personal space than Chinese do
Enjoying this look at the absolutely gorgeous engineering of a device that doesn't squeeze bags as well as you hands
@cfhorgan(There's certainly nothing, in US or Europe, to suggest that it's explicit victims of economic downturn who are supporting extremists)
Would be nice if this ended with Canadians able to buy cheaper US dairy products, Yanks building houses with Canadian lumber. And Trump gone
You know that story about populism emerging because middle class is eroding? Nuh-uh. Not in France, Netherlands, UK
@robfromcalgaryIt's a question of the difference between the stumpage fees and the actual commercial value of the land. Ours always seemed fishy
This US protectionism is terrifying but, uh [whispers] doesn't Canada basically subsidize forestry on Crown land?
It's the circle of life: My mom got busted by the town drugstore lady for having a banned DH Lawrence book that was later my boring homework
Nagging kid to finish Jim Carroll book for English class that I once had to sneak to an underground bookstore to buy & hide under mattress
Le Pen quitting her party-leader post is probably meant to distract voters from the Hitler admirers surrounding her
So a lot of the "authentic indigenous crafts" sold at Canadian souvenir shops are in fact products of prison labour
1970s: The 10000-word Q&A interview
1990s: The shouty adversarial interview
2010s: Just let him prattle on; annotate it later on Rap Genius
Nice to see Macron's pragmatic social democracy leading, but more than a fifth of French voters have chosen the unthinkable
Harbord kids hate that shop because it sells no candy
American exceptionalism (2)
American exceptionalism (2)
As I note in the article, anti-semitism is considerably higher among Le Pen voters than among French Muslims
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