The only press events I've experienced remotely like this in content or style were the Gadhafi family's press engagements in the early 2000s
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New York Times vs Talking Heads Trump-beef diss wars
New York Times vs Talking Heads Trump-beef diss wars
Serious question: Do you think Christopher Lasch would have felt fulfilled and vindicated by the current U.S. presidency and its circle?
The current situation at airports is what should apply at land border: People only come to official entries
Further to thread: People from countries on this list who enter Canada are likely to be rejected or deported
Canada's border crisis could be solved quickly. I list the three things Ottawa should do right now to fix it
"Unknown Bildt on Fox News" -- I present you with the Dagens Nyheter story, translated
Here are my wall design pitches, with some help from Pinterest:
Here are my wall design pitches, with some help from Pinterest:
No, it isn't. It's a situation that makes illegal choices the only option for some people.
Would it create a permanent rush to the border? No. The number of foreign asylum seekers who've got into US & then become fearful is limited
Would this require formal suspension of Safe 3rd Country treaty? I suspect a de facto suspension would suffice. No counterparty loss...
Ottawa needs to act fast: Create legal pathway, staff up IRB for expedited processing up front, create awareness of paths + rules
Why do we know this? Because the chance of claim rejection + deportation is equally high w illegal crossing; they play $100s more for it
Here you have a limited third-country refugee-claimant population who'd gladly cross legally, even if high chance of eventual deportation
This is informed by EU and US experience: What causes risky illegal permanent border crossings is the removal of safe legal temporary ones
Even more alarming than its headline suggests. A figure from the Hungarian extreme right in the White House
Sorry, I won't be coming in to work today. The US president ordered me to Find the Leakers
Wait a sec. All those people are Kevin O'Leary. It's the scene in Being John Malkovich where John Malkovich John Malkoviches
Man, does @omarelakkad's forthcoming novel about the 2074 US civil war get more relatable by the minute
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