The only press events I've experienced remotely like this in content or style were the Gadhafi family's press engagements in the early 2000s
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Long-established fact that many US voters are only now learning
(Research is my weakness, my excuse not to write -- research is the enemy of writing. Your whole being wants you not to write)
(Writing a book is just like writing 10 really long magazine articles)
Hey, you've done it before! My approach is: Spend days writing the first 3 paragraphs; the rest is easier.
You guys have all written some excellent takes, truly, on @jandrewpotter's getting taken for the take on his take.
The opening sentence of Montreal's regional growth plan promises 71 more pages of inspiring reading
The opening sentence of Montreal's regional growth plan promises 71 more pages of inspiring reading
Last time said screamer went off was when I documented his publicity work for V Putin. (He's now in Trump's circle)
Woot! Cartoon race-hate screamer Robert Spencer is ranting about me re this, so my feed is full of fans. Hi Nazis!
Welcome back to January 24, 2011, Egypt
The topic here is recruitment into radicalization -- read the two other tweets that follow this one. Background is issue
What new information is conveyed in noting that an Islamic terrorist is Islamic? What's new is he, like many recently, was Christian
What is notable about the fact that an Islamic terrorist is Islamic? The notable demographic fact is that so many were non-Muslim
The high % of non-Muslims joining Islamic-extremist groups is a very key phenomenon in post-2012 extremism. Often 30 to 40 percent
Or maybe non-recent. We don't know yet. What's interesting, as an Islamic terrorist, is that he was non-Muslim
This a big issue in Canada too, where large % of recruits are non-Muslim. Some only converted once radicalized
Yes, "propensity to violence" is one of strongest predictors
And we know that high levels of religiosity and foreign-born status are not predictors and are often predictors against
Well, we know a bit more than that. It tends to be British young men, lower middle class, often criminal history...
Oh, we know their motivation to kill - these attacks began in 2013; it's a Syrian war inspiration. Q is what causes them to *join*
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