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Wait a sec. All those people are Kevin O'Leary. It's the scene in Being John Malkovich where John Malkovich John Malkoviches
Man, does @omarelakkad's forthcoming novel about the 2074 US civil war get more relatable by the minute https://t.co/eEbZW8PSWj
*In 1987 cultural studies class*
In 30 years, I bet the US will governed using deconstruction, social constructivism & anti-globalization!
This phishing email is not even trying
This phishing email is not even trying
There is, however, this. When a George W Bush worldview is seen by the rest of the cabinet as dangerously left-wing...https://t.co/7RHzbfuujv
This $700,000 house includes some unique features:
This $700,000 house includes some unique features:
Yes, well, it could end up being NYPD vs ICE which sounds like a very bad movie
The followup question would be: What if they started concealing marijuana in bales of nuclear weapons?
Gershom Gorenberg on Trump's complete abandonment of Israel's peace and stability https://t.co/9ENX1ANe1o
"It’s strange Canadians don’t understand barbecue -the country has no shortage of the resources required to make it" https://t.co/bcKMwEU3c4
"I am doing this to save people from having to look at my trousers" https://t.co/gEZXdXqieR
Rather extraordinary he didn't read earlier rulings and notice judges based their decisions on ***stuff advisors said on TV***
Interesting the group that exposed the Depeche Mode lookalike's nonce propensities aims to push Trump to the RIGHT https://t.co/XuGS8CbU2s
In 1870s=80s, there were more people of Canadian birth and descent lving in the USA than there were in Canada
The Canadian parliament is beginning to sound like any student-organization conference you've ever attended
Turkey seems to have turned ISIS-cleared north Syria into Turkish territory, to combat Kurds (Syria's and its own) https://t.co/FTDAai1DvQ
I love sardines and would deffo try them on pizza. Grilled crispy -- I can see it
British sports scandals are like no other sports scandals https://t.co/2jdnROAL4N
The absence of the unifying word "cookie" in UK English has led to court battles and philosophy lectures https://t.co/QhUWY67vJ9
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