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Donald Trump Jr.
dont give the pos nz shooter what he wants dont speak his name dont show the footage seems that most agree on
Don’t give the POS NZ shooter what he wants. Don’t speak his name don’t show the footage. Seems that most agree on that. The questions is can the media do what’s right and pass up the ratings they’ll get by doing the opposite? I fear we all know the answer unfortunately.
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Donald Trump Jr.
of course they did they dont want actual free speech just their narrative as gospel networks skip trump execut
Of course they did. They don’t want actual free speech, just their narrative as gospel.

Networks Skip Trump Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses
Save the Children US
today is and our president amp ceo is featured on talking about how we re partnering w to bring clean drinking
Today is #WorldWaterDay and our President & CEO @carolynsave is featured on @NatGeo, talking about how we're partnering w/ @ProcterGamble to bring clean drinking water to children & families around the world. Read here:
Joe Weisenthal
breaking treasury 3m 10y yield curve inverts for first time since 2007

Bill Gates
thanks to the incredible work of goat nurses thousands of women in india have an opportunity to lift themselve
Thanks to the incredible work of goat nurses, thousands of women in India have an opportunity to lift themselves and their families out of poverty:
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Piyush Goyal
my best wishes to ji ji ji nainar nagendran ji and cp radhakrishnan ji bjp candidates in tamil nadu for 2019 g
My best wishes to @PonnaarrBJP ji, @drtamilisaibjp ji, @HRajaBJP ji, Nainar Nagendran ji and C.P Radhakrishnan ji, BJP candidates in Tamil Nadu for 2019 General elections. I am confident people will come out in huge numbers and support the BJP.
Daniel Dale
with bartiromo and elsewhere trump is giving a completely fictional account of eu trade they don t take our ca
With Bartiromo and elsewhere, Trump is giving a completely fictional account of EU trade: "they don't take our cars" (US is 4th-biggest source of EU car imports), "they don't take our farm products" ($11.5B in US exports), "$151 billion" deficit ($102 billion including services).
Faisal Islam
dup with its most hostile statement this year after last nights eu summit disappointing inexcusable failure co
DUP with its most hostile statement this year after last nights EU summit...

“Disappointing ,inexcusable, failure, consistently settling for inferior compromises... humiliatingly revoke her oft stated pledge to leave March 29th”.:..are the words used by Nigel Dodds
Faisal Islam
leaving eu summit from brussels at eurostar terminal there is an artwork of the union flag made of kicked cans
Leaving EU Summit from Brussels at Eurostar terminal .... there is an artwork of the Union flag made of kicked cans
Daniel Dale
speaking to bartiromo trump said of the wto we never won cases now we re starting to win cases because they kn
Speaking to Bartiromo, Trump said of the WTO: "We never won cases. Now we're starting to win cases, because they know my attitude."

Trump's Council of Economic Advisers noted in a 2018 report that the U.S. has won 86% of the WTO cases it has brought, above the global average.
Paul Krugman
more on stephen moore reportedly under consideration for the fed he made a bad prediction which happens but re
More on Stephen Moore, reportedly under consideration for the Fed. He made a bad prediction, which happens -- but refused to learn from the error, falsified facts, and doubled down on his doctrine. The ugly details
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