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"Until @FFA share with people what has led to this amazing decision, we are just going to speculate" - @bonitamersiades on sacking of @TheMatildas coach Alen Stajcic
Been married 3 times neva gonna do it again then i saw u sitting in your car on a lonely highway i stopped & said Looks like u cud use some help OMG I'm tryin to go see my boyfriend in another state...The Rest is history Do u take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? I do!
No this is not a dog... Think again. "Everyday, Frog the rooster runs to the school bus to welcome his best friend back home! Oh that run... OMG
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"What is the meaning of this?" Sir, I opened a Twitter account. "For what?" To create more opportunities and expand our reach. "Just increase the newspaper ads and send more direct mail." OMG!!! ... https://t.co/hzpxEkbK6I *amreading *bookclubs *smm *authors
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