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What do you get the guy that has everything in… https://t.co/GotVBB5kfK


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5 STARS-- "This book grabs hold of you and won't let go, you'll get hooked." Read the rest of the review here >>>> https://t.co/ebkOCel9jN#amreading#paperback#bookclubs#scary#shortstory#suspense#mystery#coauthor@marthaperez0609
Step inside the multi-billion dollar world of Cosplay, where @WorldCosplayNet has launched a #cryptocurrency platform that rewards Cosplay artists for dressing up.

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'You take in what the tourists never see' https://t.co/7Jve02FRoJ
https://t.co/Iwo33aaINi What the fook is this shit? You're out of order! Your honor this whole fookin court is out of order i told you everybody's on fooking drugs man. #crack #crazyasscrack #crazyasscrackcocaincocain Bailer remove this man!!! LOL via @ Nana__Xaba
All I can ever think about is that night... I keep getting these flashbacks it was that special night u said I like your tweet what u said was true I feel the same way i can't help it i think about that night ... https://t.co/dp8GOU3TZS #amreading #bookclubs #romance #lovers
“It’s a massive hole that’s left when Cindy left.” Mathew Low, husband of #Dreamworld victim Cindy Low, speaks out about the 2016 disaster. Tonight on #abc730. Dreamworld’s parent company Ardent Leisure has been contacted for comment.
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Duke up 40-28 in Ryerson at the half; Williamson has 21, Barrett 16. Yeah, they are that good
Did Turkey do enough to calm the crisis over the lira – one that has already bled into other emerging markets? https://t.co/dsEw9eq9pB
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What fast food restaurant has the most locations worldwide? The answer might surprise you. https://t.co/rK5EVdaE2O
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Late into this. What really struck me, apart from the story, was that this journalist spent six months trying to make sense of what happened. Good journalism takes time & resources. https://t.co/86VyirmQgS
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