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What do you get the guy that has everything in… https://t.co/GotVBB5kfK


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Was a pleasure to meet you yesterday @waynelineker sound guy! Thank you for the hospitality, #OceanBeachIbiza was wicked!
#Instagram goes 📺

The social media platform has unveiled a new streaming app that allows users to post and watch longer videos.

👉 https://t.co/ntizwpT6fW
Three tipping points tell us that we need to no longer focus on what kind of disruption the #energy sector will experience, but rather when it will happen https://t.co/6FYxmBSCn9 #EYTippingPoint @MattRennie_EY
Where are they i looked all around you know the people that said they were my friends the ones that said I would die for u I would kill for u YOU fool you wouldn't do that anyway but I believed you now i'm broke i don't have a dime and all the friends i had i don't have anymore.
You can't get followers like that. I'm here from downtown; the publisher sent me. I'm here to tell u the truth https://t.co/TjnR3E1UMR #amreading #smm #socialmedia #bookclubs #mustread #smallbiz #business #twitter #followers #marketing #authors
Asking for help can feel awkward, so here’s how to get over it and get what you want. https://t.co/yXqm0YfZFa
Hey UK, I’m totally awake and I know you’re all going to work and stuff but it’s 1.15am here and I’m bored, and all the crazy Trumpists are asleep so I thought I’d ask how you’re all doing. You guys doing okay? What have I missed.
VAR-y pleased to get this new #WorldCup game live. Take on the role of video ref and watch clips of various in-game scenarios. You must decide, against the clock, whether the referee made the correct call. https://t.co/FGbN3CYDOZ
While @realDonaldTrump has stopped the separation of #migrant children & parents on the US-Mexico border, what will happen to the roughly 2,000 children already in detention or foster care? More tonight . #abc730@zdaniel
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https://t.co/pgK230wl1z The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK
It's your business for Goooooodness Sake, What's WRONG with ya!
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