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What do you get the guy that has everything in… https://t.co/GotVBB5kfK


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I’m fascinated by enormous changes that we take so much for granted we forgot about them. We don’t think about light as costing money, and we don’t know what it meant that it took several weeks to get from one side of England to the other
https://t.co/3niHrVmfL4 No matter what I can't fake it no sense in lying I can't shake it, the truth is you turn me on You better believe It i can't get you out of my head AUTHORS ROMANCE by M LeMont
Coming Soon @TaylorG64143008 @BerryYNWA
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Sunday’s a day for renewal & rejuvenation.A video that helps do that by sharing the magic of discovery.But it seems a creature so beautiful can’t survive beyond its ecosystem.Not sure I like that message...Have always felt that magic happens when you get OUT of your comfort zone!
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On @SkyNews Sunrise this morning we’re talking about #weaning #babies

At the moment 6months is the recommended age but in order to prevent allergies that could change again.

What age did you wean your babies?

#parenting #baby #Parenthood
22 Halloween costume ideas that won’t get you in trouble at work https://t.co/t1fNBldFQ2
"Would you fly away with me." Yes. "Mmmm that's too easy. Would you come with me and have my babies." You know I will. "Come Amy." NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE HER MUTHA FUGGA...The Old Creepy Cabin In the Woods https://t.co/ebkOCel9jN #scary #romance #bookclubs #coauthor @marthaperez0609
22 Halloween costume ideas that won’t get you in trouble at work https://t.co/gecdU5beWZ
Scrutineer reports coming to me that the preference check count at Bondi beach has widened Phelps' lead by 679 votes. Might help her overcome bad postal vote run #wentworthvotes
Start smart with our new Starting a Business Guide! It’s a step-by-step guide that walks you through what’s required when starting a business. https://t.co/2At3dPCVVc
If you get swimmer's ear, this is what you should do
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