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When your editor hasn’t been right or made a good call in a few years I guess this is what happens. Maybe he will run in 2020 as primary cannon fodder.

EXCLUSIVE: The Weekly Standard Expected To Shutter In Coming Weeks - The Daily Caller https://t.co/tFd70QiZsJ
RT @johncardillo: .@NPR is allowing this lie to stand despite acknowledging it’s a lie.

They want this narrative to permeate and take hohttps://t.co/Pp66Rjzt7Fl
Their desperation to take me out is palpable. I’ll take it as a compliment, it’s so over the top they must view me as a real threat to their #fakenews leftist agenda. Keep trying kids... I love the fight!!! #magahttps://t.co/Fg2x9tDPKu
NPR Blatantly Lies About Donald Trump Jr.'s 2017 Senate Testimony https://t.co/whvB8eNNLK
Serious question for non-biased “fact checkers” — What % of corrected or withdrawn stories originally erred in Trump’s favor? I honestly don’t recall a single one. The media’s “Oops, honest mistake” defense breaks down when you consider this point. ? ?
You were saying Eric? Maybe you should read the correction issued rather than chasing yet another shiny object. After 2 years of fails it just makes you look stupid (a fitting look for you). Obviously the truth isn’t convenient for your objective so I imagine you’ll stay quiet!https://t.co/VKpgPcZ8Tj
You were saying senator??? Please correct this immediately so you aren’t misleading many people now that even NPR corrected their sloppy attempt to smear me.https://t.co/dm8np9RIcN
It’s only been 4 hours and this is aging really poorly. Keep trying guys.
I guess this is as close as I’ll get to an apology where yet another “bombshell” bites the dust.

Pro tip: don’t just rush to publish anything thinking that it’s the got ya you so desperately want it to be. CNN has the market cornered on that... let them own it 👍https://t.co/mtmXp6O8GW
An important read from my friend Mort Klein, president of :

Antisemitism Is Becoming Mainstreamed and Normalized | Breitbart via https://t.co/yjsWIPG9qI
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