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"The winner is the one who gets to bite the throat of the other - in this case it actually was the brown stallion, because his position was lower." 📸 + caption by Carina Maiwald
“Heads or tails?" 🐆🐆
📸 + caption by Jonathan Wightman
Can't sleep? Neither can this owl. 🦉

Mostly because he's nocturnal, but also because he loves watching #ExpeditionUnknown on Discovery GO ---> https://t.co/HwV7aGVyuL
What's the best way to eat an egg? Like for scrambled. Retweet for poached. 🥚#egggang #worldrecordegg
"With nearly every place fully booked in Zermatt, we stumbled upon this alpine guesthouse high up in the mountains. This is what I call room with a view." 📸 + caption by Niklas Söderlund #TGIF
Congrats @romeothefrog on finding true love! 🐸❤️
It's treehouse-making time. 🌲🏠👀
#BuildingOffTheGrid starts at 9p TONIGHT on Discovery
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A car heater helped to bring this little guy back to life. 🐭#ThursdayMotivation
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"When the sable finally popped his head out, I managed to capture this moment. Then he quickly ran away into the snow." 📸 + caption by Sergery Gorshkov
"Big nose, pencil mo, blue shades. 👃🏻😎 #BellsBeach is always worth a visit. Australia's Great Ocean Road, the rugged coastline of the region and pristine surf are world famous for all the right reasons." 📸 + caption by Ash Hughes
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