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More than the uniform. This @usairforce airman creates unique cosplay costumes to relax and find his “happy place.” #BeyondTheUniform #KnowYourMil
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Bringing heroes home!
@USNavy Petty Officer 1st Class James Mostek dives off the coast of #PapuaNewGuinea to search for remains of #ServiceMembers missing in #WWII. #KnowYourMil
Top of the world!
#DOD leaders are increasingly moving planes, ships, subs, missiles and radar to the Arctic. Find out why ➡️https://t.co/3iDVJJd2sz
Blastoff 🚀!
When this #Russian 🇰🇿 Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft took off from #Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Dec. 3, @USArmy Lt. Col. Anne McClain was a member of the crew heading for the International @Space_Station! #KnowYourMil
Happy 382nd birthday to The National Guard! Born in 1636, the Guard has secured the homeland and helped the #DOD build partnerships around the globe. #KnowYourMil #Guard382
A @USMC #Marine guides a light armored vehicle onto Onslow Beach, @camp_lejeune, N.C. after returning from exercise #TridentJuncture18 in #Norway 🇳🇴.
The choices you make today will affect you and your family tomorrow. On the fence about the new #BlendedRetirement System? Get the facts and see what’s best for your personal and professional goals. ➡️https://t.co/CZXeSvCXW0
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A light in the darkness. 🎆
Two @USArmy #soldiers use an #M121 mortar system to light up the sky during live-fire training at #JBER, #Alaska.
Chasing his dreams while serving his country!
Meet this @NavalAcademy graduate who continues his job in the @USNavy even after starting his second career as a @NASCAR driver. ➡️https://t.co/DumeNBNLDN
#KnowYourMil #BeyondTheUniform
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“It’s all based on lethality!” - #SecDef James N. Mattis.
Five separate services with one mission on the ground, in the sea, in the air and in space. Get to #KnowYourMil. ➡️https://t.co/352EJZ2qJI
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