have you ever been jealous of ground beef?
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if you rearrange the letters in "monday" it spells "coffee zombie"
earth day tip: for every maple tree you plant, plant 2 pancake trees
can confirm
thanks for the rt
made a playlist etc
made a playlist etc
“the dude with the waffle yard” we used to call him.
It looked like a waffle.
So the whole yard was brown with a bunch of dirt piles and holes and you know what?
Anyway, the point of all of this is that in the course of digging these holes he neglected his lawn and the grass all died.
He became obsessed. He lost his job, his friends left and laughed at him, his girlfriend made tracks. And of course he never found it
He did all these bunk calculations & determined it HAD to be in his yard. Then just started digging tons of holes. Like that movie holes.
That’s no way to live your life, man. Did you ever hear about that dude who thought DB Cooper’s money was buried in his front yard?
Sometimes people come in here and play that dang claw machine for hours. Same thing over and over again, hoping for the easy prize.
ah, the 19th of april, when we train the staff in prank call diversion tactics & re-up as much pancake batter as we can get our hands on
👨🏻: how many dependents are you claiming?
👱🏻: uh, let me see... 3
👨🏻: sir that's a baggie of baby carrots
👱🏻: yes... I love them
when a restaurant has more than five delicious hamburgers on the menu, well, that’s a challenge
eat cheese even if
you’re lack toast and tolerant
cuz you just can’t spell
sure, you know about the easter bunny but what about the easter denny, who leaves piles of scrambled eggs all over your home and yard
cmon guys, still?
cmon guys, still?
did your dad ever tell you to stop being so soft but you're a pancake and you literally don't know any other way to be?
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